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Should I lose weight for my boyfriend?

I am desperate. I am slightly overweight and my boyfriend told me that if I don’t lose weight he will leave me and I’ll never hear from him again. That broke my heart. I have been thinking of using slimming pills that can help me reduce faster but I don’t know if they can be helpful or dangerous. Please help me!

Oh dear, such sentiments from a loved one are not only hurtful but also heartbreaking. What complicates matters more is the emotional attachment that clouds judgment and therefore your confusion.

I am aware that you are asking if pills are helpful or dangerous. First, however, I hope your boyfriend is not tired of the relationship and is using your weight as an excuse. Guys are notoriously dodgy when they want to break up with a girl. So don’t be surprised if after losing weight he might come up with a new demand.

What has made the weight an issue now? Please don’t let him define you by your looks; remember the ‘I am not my hair’ song by India Arie? You are a lot more than just weight; what about your great personality, wit, and charm that attracted him to you in the first place?

Now back to the weight loss pills. First and foremost let’s agree that you are losing weight for you and not for him or anyone else. You should do it because of the health benefits of a trimmer you.

You have probably come across some miracle pill that promised you out-of-this-world results. Pills should only be prescribed by a medical doctor, and in most case, weight loss pills don’t work effectively if used alone. Some of these pills have severe side effects and should only be prescribed by a doctor.

Pills might also not be a sustainable option because the moment you stop using them you will soon revert to where you were or worse. Also, if you lose too much weight over a short period your skin might sag and that is harder to lose than the weight itself.

Unfortunately, the only way to lose weight is through a healthy diet and exercise.

Emotional distress is one of the leading causes of overeating. If you’ve noticed that you eat more when you are stressed, talk to a doctor about it.

Like I said, the decision to lose weight is yours, not his, so, if you’re comfortable with your weight and are healthy, don’t change for his sake – big girls rock! There are many shapely single girls out there who think a little weight is what it takes to get a man. It’s all about confidence and attitude. If he won’t have as you are, there is a guy out there wondering when a beautiful (in and out) girl like you will come his way.


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  1. I am actually going through
    I am actually going through something relative… Where by my boyfriend tells me he is not happy with my weight.. Which I understand in a one time tell.. Well it gets to my nerves wen he keeps repeating it… Now I have been forced to start gyming though really I was comfortable with myself.. However after reading this I believe I should let him decide.. Did he love me in the first place? If yes why is weight abig issue to him?? I can do almost everythingelse skinny gals do.. I thought love looks beyond just weight….!!!!

    1. Good to know we inspired you
      Good to know we inspired you to be comfortable with yourself Mimi.

  2. no if am content wid my
    no if am content wid my weight den I Kant lose it koz of ma boyfriend….I gues dis is samones lyf dink bout uaself 1st

    1. Thanks Eunice for sharing
      Thanks Eunice for sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. guys, guys now days I don
    guys, guys now days I don’t know wats wrong w sm guys cz if he /she saw u 4m de first tym how u were nd both of u accepted , why shld One of u change.. Always love sm one de way he / she is… thank u

    1. Thanks for your input Julie.
      Thanks for your input Julie.

  4. I love aguy what can I do so
    I love aguy what can I do so that he loves me bck

    1. Hi Minarah, you cannot trick
      Hi Minarah, you cannot trick a person to loving you. You can only be honest about how you feel and hope if he doesn’t feel the same he will give you the chance to know each other better.

  5. No way. Do it for you. If it
    No way. Do it for you. If it affects your confidence and health.

  6. I believe that someone who
    I believe that someone who truly loves won’t force u to change who u r,if he cant handle u the way you are,tell him to kiss ur door goodbye.if he ain’t loving,he ain’t worthy of ur looks.

    1. Thanks very much for our
      Thanks very much for our input Fefe.

  7. Guys want girls they can…
    Guys want girls they can show off to their frioends and family. That kahour glas shape becomes important to them and sometimes as a girl you feel the pressure to look a certain way for him including that elusive flat tummy. I agree that it should make you happy first before anyone else.

    1. We appreciate your thoughts…

      We appreciate your thoughts and contribution Jackie. 

  8. I would never require or…
    I would never require or request my gal to loose weight as long as she is healthy and happy with her weight.

    1. Hey Tosh, this is very…

      Hey Tosh, this is very considerate.

  9. How do you know if you…
    How do you know if you weight is unhealthy or if you are obese?

  10. Can loosing weight change…
    Can loosing weight change the size of your breast? I don’t want to have deflated breast?

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