Can you affair-proof your relationship?

Do you think there’s something you can do to keep your partner from cheating?

Love is a really simple thing. But relationships on the other hand are a whole Pandora’s Box. The reason a majority of young people are afraid of getting into one is because of the ever-hanging shadow: Will they cheat on me?

Everyone wants to know whether they can have an affair-free relationship. Here’s the bad news: You can’t because there is simply no way to control another human being. But here’s the good news: You are in charge. Better still, you and your partner can agree to do this together.                   

The logic goes that if your relationship is strong and healthy, you’ll never have to face infidelity as a couple. The truth is much more complicated than that. Infidelity happens in relationships that are struggling, and it also happens in good relationships, relationships where there is love and connection, commitment, and sexual passion.

You can’t control your partner. But you can always control yourself. And here are my top tips on how to ‘affair-proof’ your relationship, at least from your end:

Here are 5 tips:

1. Go all in

As young people, sometimes we are not so sure of where we want to go. We are not sure about committing our whole time to someone but the greatest way to prevent yourself from straying is by deciding to put all your eggs in this basket. Begin with the belief that you will guard against any relationship with another person that could lead to an affair, either an emotional one or a sexual affair.

It’s human nature to be attracted to other people, but it’s your decision whether you want to pursue those romantic insights.

2. Establish clear boundaries with your partner

What are you not willing to settle for? What are you not willing to allow to happen? What constitutes cheating? How far is too far?

Limit your contact with people of the opposite sex or, if you are attracted to those of the same sex, be careful. We are all capable of becoming attracted to many different people. There are a lot of nice, interesting and attractive people in this world!

Set clear boundaries with your partner that both of you have agreed on and avoid the temptation to cross them. An affair-proof relationship starts with you keeping your word before you can demand the same from anyone else.

3. Talk openly

Whether it’s about sex or finances or your feelings, nothing should be off the table. Some affairs start because one partner is not feeling heard. Talk openly without any judgment with a view to solving a problem rather than finding a reason to argue. Remember you are a team with your partner, and though you may disagree on certain issues, a great relationship starts with great communication.

4. Try new things

One way to keep a relationship interesting is to experience new things together.  Spice up your relationship by keeping things exciting. When was the last time you had a movie dinner date just for the two of you? When did you last go out on a nature trail? Change up your routine and let your partner discover new things about you through different activities.

5. Don’t give up. Relationships take work

Changes take time. Changing feelings usually takes longer than changing actions and thoughts.

Stay in there and work your way through a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship. Be patient, positive, and calm. Do not expect a perfect person but focus on their good traits and what’s working in the relationship.

Final word?

Affair-proofing your relationship is not a thing, but it always pays off to be in charge of and contribute to the direction your relationship takes. It takes time and effort to build a healthy relationship but the work you put in is well worth it with the security and comfort of knowing you are in a committed relationship.

 Do you think there’s something you can do to keep your partner from cheating?

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