Your girlfriend wants to save sex for marriage.

My girl wants to save sex for marriage!?!

Richard fell in love in a girl and they got together. But when one thing was leading to another, she told him she wants to save sex for marriage. He panicked…

Lucky guy

‘There comes a time in every guy’s life when you have to grow up instantaneously. And usually a girl is involved. There I was, in my third year of university still trying to find where I belong – stuck between the raging alcoholics and the teetotalers, the serial daters and the forever-alone people. I was actually quite content in this confusion.

‘And then I met her. She murdered my common sense. I couldn’t think straight; what I said never made sense around her. So I did what any self-respecting guy would do: I sat next to her every day in class waiting for the day she would ask me for something – anything. Eventually she did: she asked for a pencil. I jumped on that train, and I still have no idea how I didn’t mess it up. I got this girl, who confused every fibre of my being, to be my girlfriend.’

At the crossroads

‘Then the floor fell out from under me. One day, we were in her hostel when one thing was leading to another. She stopped me just short of what was about to be a very intimate afternoon. When I asked her what was wrong, she hit me with this bomb: she wanted to save sex for marriage.

‘My mind went into overdrive. ‘Isn’t everyone on campus doing it? It sure seemed so. Marriage? She’s already thinking of marriage? Or is she blowing me off after finally realising that she could do much better than me?’ As I sat there losing my mind at the edge of her bed, she sat behind me with her legs around my waist. Then she gave me the strongest hug she had ever given me, and asked if I would wait with her. That’s when I told her I was fine with it.’

Trust your instincts

‘Later I sat down to think about why I had said that. It was such anti-guy behaviour that I didn’t dare ask one of my friends. These would be the same friends who had made fun of me for being a virgin on campus until I finally joined the club. So that was not an option. My mind entered overdrive again. ‘Was I going to get blue balls? I didn’t want to get blue balls; it sounded like it hurt. Would another guy find her in a vulnerable moment and have sex with her? Was this one of those girl tests?…

‘It finally hit me as I was doing another typically anti-guy activity, washing dishes, as to why I told her that I would wait. This girl meant a lot to me. I literally lost my ability to breathe whenever she left my side. So I had to respect her beliefs, no matter how scary it all seemed. Plus I knew I wanted to be with this girl for more than just a campus fling. My sixth sense had done what my confused campus brain couldn’t: choose to wait to have sex with my girl.’

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. there are
    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. there are very few men who can do this. thumbs up!!

  2. Personally I waited for my…
    Personally I waited for my ex girlfriend for 3 good years and I never asked for sex. I was faithful to her and I hoped that one day I would tie the knot with her only in the end to lose her after she was impregnated and had a baby for another man of which they broke up for reasons I don’t know.she later came to me apologized and I forgave her. Despite the fact that I had not moved on yet out of the love I had for her, I was in for it again. We reconciled n got back together. Things started off well but as time passed by alot happened which I can’t explain it all here.i ended up learning that she had not stopped her habit of having other men beside it and then I left her.its a bad experience for me since I even don’t have the guts to love again, I even talk to myself at times because of what have been through.there is alot that I haven’t said.i don’t know what to do. Nothing pains so much than betrayal and being disregarded by someone you adore. I can’t love anymore. I even don’t know what to do.

    1. We are so sorry about this…
      We are so sorry about this this Benah. This person repeatedly betrayed your love and trust toward them and no one deserves this. This was not your fault, you did your best to remain faithful but she still betrayed you. The sad reality of some relationships is that even when you have done your very best at times it may not work since you do not have full control of the actions of the other person. It does hurt, alot, but life has to go on. Give it time, this was such deep betrayal and so how you are feeling is completely normal but with time you will get better. Time is indeed a healer. It maybe helpful for you to seek professional help so you can get help to work through these issues. Consider calling either of the following for help. Amani Counselling Centre: 0722626590, Kenya Marriage Counselling: 0721743977, Oasis Counselling Center: 0733366614, Discovery Counselling Services: 0700270983/0721513438

      Check out this article;-

    2. Sorry. Thats shit. Not all…
      Sorry. Not all girls are same. Try loving again

      1. Hey Muss, thank you for your…

        Hey Muss, thank you for your contribution. 

  3. thts true i personally i had…
    thts true i personally i had one when we were in high school we mit whenever schools are closed but we fear each other when it cames tew have sex we promised each other in future to be husbnd and wife bt as am writing this tha gal was concieved with another guy so it wil depend which gal a u dating others are passersby

    1. Thank you for your…
      Thank you for your contribution Ricky. Both partners have to commit to wait until that time.

  4. So many people can’t bear
    So many people can’t bear

    1. Hi Derryck, thank you for…
      Hi Derryck, thank you for your contribution. Partners can agree to wait until this time.

  5. I personaly have. promised…
    I personaly have. promised my guy to wait ad he had been faithful to me;we meet in highschool up to today :he is vry patient

    1. Awww, we are happy for you.
      Awww, we are happy for you.

  6. Mehn i just broke up with my…
    Mehn i just broke up with my girl for that i want to enjoy life while am still young

  7. Hi Zuo, thank you so much…

    Hi Zuo, thank you so much for sharing your story and we respect your decision. Have you been okay since the break up?

  8. It depends on who the girl…
    It depends on who the girl is,,other girls are darm good,honest,,frank and loyal

  9. Thank you for sharing your…

    Thank you for sharing your opinion with us Dantes, we agree with you that it always depends on the person. Please don’t hesitate to share more with us on our various articles because we would like to hear more from you and have a wonderful week ahead! Stay safe!

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