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Sex toys: vaginanomics

Sex toys are over 28,000 years old. Made of wood, stone, leather, or (unbelievably) camel dung, they could be painful, uncomfortable, and even dangerous.

But thanks to technology and a fancy thing called silicone, we have started an era of eroticism like no other generation before.

Still, most sex toys used to be limited to phallic-shaped dildos and vibrators. That’s steadily changing thanks to some genius women in tech to recognise the opportunities for pleasure.

Toys are now being designed by women for women’s bodies, to embrace their unique arousal and pleasure needs.

And that’s what some call ‘vaginanomics’. Here are just some of the newest pleasurable innovations.


Wisp is a collection of sex toy wearables. The jewellery is designed to simulate foreplay. Wisp can be applied to various body parts like your neck, arms, and legs to spice things up.

There are four different pieces with various functions: air, pulse, touch, and whisper, which can be adjusted to your special pleasure preferences.

Air is a necklace built with modular pulses. When placed on your neck, it gives off a sensation of an airy kiss being blown on the back of your neck.

Pulse is a bracelet that monitors your arousal and excitement level. It also offers an option to send discreet ‘come hither’ e-mails to nudge your partner.

Touch is applied with an adhesive cream. As the name suggests, it offers a sensation of touch and sweet caress.

Whisper offers the sensual surprise of whispering and touch. Like Touch, you would need the cream adhesive for application.

We can thank Wan Ting Tseng for these arousing inventions.

Miss on the Go (MOTG)

Kegels and phone sex can happen on the go. I am serious! Veronique Verreault just made it possible to do more than just sext with your phone.

When you order your MOTG kit, you get a slinky red silicone vibrator with not one or two, but five different vibration modes. Once you make the purchase, you download the MOTG app from the app store and you are good to go.

With MOTG, you can keep track of your Kegel exercises. Or your partner or an anonymous person can play around with your vibrator settings to ensure your maximum pleasure.

If they don’t tickle your fancy (pun intended), you can rate them and also see which other women they might be playing with and gauge the rating or your partner.

Get all the pleasure you desire, with no strings attached.


Not everyone is comfortable walking into a sex store to grab some goodies. Unbound understood that and created a subscription service.

Unbound offers luxury items including sex toys and lubricants.

Each month, this team creates a little gift pack of pleasure just for you. Whether you want the ‘ovaries before brovaries’-jewellery package to show off your feminine side loud and proud or if you’re looking for some BDSM action or use your bodies to create an erotic masterpiece, Unbound offers you all the tools you need to keep your sex lives fiery.

And even if you do have the tools, it’s always great to keep, ahem, abreast with all the latest techniques and tricks to stay satisfied with the Unbound magazine and weekly newsletters.

What’s the most exciting sex toy you have ever tried? Share your experience below or on Facebook.

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