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Performance enhancing drugs: after it’s up, then what?

Nigeria is not left out when it comes to performance-enhancing drugs. Is there more pressure to perform and performance anxiety? How do young locals deal with this?

Sexual health has become more important than ever for young people – if only to keep on the safe side of STIs. This being said, youth all around the world tend to forego safety in favour of enjoying the moment, it seems.
And then, of course, there seems to be a lot of performance anxiety, and the quick fix: performance enhancers.

Stud can’t get it up

Let us go a tad deeper, shall we? Akande* is a Nigerian banker. He earns well, owns a car, he is young and good looking. He fancies himself a stud, a ‘Yoruba demon’ (a dude from the Yoruba tribe who serially breaks the hearts of ladies). He is happy to tell everyone who listens about his escapades.

So, Akande met a very hot girl at the movies and as usual, his ‘Yoruba demoness’ took over and he got her into his bed. Her name was Chinyere*. The first time they had sex, he could not get it up. This never happened to him. Ever. He was super-confused.

Chinyere was a typical ‘set’ babe, beautiful, with great curves, so no problem there.

He was worried that maybe something may be broken. The horror!

Chinyere was equally worried. Maybe she was getting bad at sex or she wasn’t attractive anymore.

Common problem. Easy solution?

But it’s all normal, and far more common than most people realize.

The extent to which guys go to satisfy women in bed is alarming (it goes the other way, too). In Nigeria, getting a sexual performance-enhancing drug is as easy as beckoning to the closest vendor. There are local brews that can keep a guy going for hours, many with really bad side effects. There is this particular sticky, drawing concoction that is sickly yellow in colour (I shiver when I see a guy drinking that stuff).

And of course, there is the scourge of Tramadol use. This is usually dispensed by a new breed of ‘mobile pharmacies’ that peddle all kinds of drugs and bring it right to your doorstep. These ‘jungle pharmacists’ are not licensed to sell drugs; most aren’t even educated. This makes it extremely easy for young folks to get access to these drugs.

Drug abuse

Tramadol is a pain-relieving drug that is routinely abused by Nigerian youths, usually for its side effects. I have heard it can give a guy (or girl) boundless energy for a period of time – which is valuable between the sheets. It also tends to numb pleasure points for guys, enabling them to last longer.

Just a few weeks ago, I read a news article about a lady who took Tramadol and went on a sex romp with a boyfriend for three straight hours. She then collapsed and died right after. I don’t know if it’s true but abusing drugs never sounds like a good idea.

You know what, I think the root issue here is psychological. I believe that if young, sexually-active folks (especially guys) could take a step back, try and block out the pressure and really take time to think, the use of drugs for sexual endurance will stop being an issue.

Young folks should build up their self-esteem instead of relying on drugs to perform.

Even when they do perform and the sex was great, what then? Is that the be all and end all of a relationship? Life? Basing a relationship solely on sex is not a great recipe for a lasting and meaningful relationship. There has to be other deeper things involved.

Great sex isn’t just about performance

For instance, Akande, our resident playboy, went out of his way to get more information about what was happening to him. Eventually, he figured out it was all just in his mind. And by relaxing, and without performance enhancement drugs, he was able to have a fulfilling sexual encounter with Chinyere. She, in turn, was happy, and everything is right with the world once more.

This story did not end with a ‘happily ever after’ though. There were no picket fences involved or big diamond rings. The relationship eventually ran its course and fizzled out.

Because, really, great sex does not a great relationship make. It does not take the place of love and commitment, it only enhances it

So, we all know knocking boots is fun, a lot of fun. But is it fun enough to jeopardize your health for it? People, next time you are about to pop that pill or take that ‘agbo’ in anticipation of the sex of your life, take a step back and think: after it’s up, then what?

*names have been changed

What are your thoughts on sexual performance enhancers? Leave us a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ below. If you have any questions, please head to our discussion board.

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