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My body is not perfect

By Valentine Njoroge January 18, 04:31 pm
I want to have sex with my partner for the first time but I am shy because I just think that my body is not perfect.

Perfection doesn't exist

What I am about to tell you will sound trite, but it is the truth. You are right, your body is not perfect. Nobody has a perfect body. If the human race was propagated by the perfect amongst us, then we would have died off a long time ago.

I have been practising a form of hot yoga for more than five years now and because of the heat, many of us are almost naked in the room. We are about 35 men and women in the room on most days and I have yet to see a perfect body walk in. Big bellies, cellulite, stretch marks, big thighs… And please note, I am only talking about the men.

Love yourself

Just like the men in my yoga class, I am sure yours is imperfect too. Your imperfect man wants to have sex with you – perfectly flawed you. He wants to express his affection for you with his body and share his imperfections with you. I think that is pretty beautiful. Perfection on the other hand is boring. It’s our scars, marks, and idiosyncrasies that tell the story of who we are and make us unique and beautiful.

Scars from climbing trees and riding bikes when we were kids… Flat butts that we were teased about in high school before we learned to highlight other assets with our clothes…

It’s our scars, marks and idiosyncrasies that tell the story of who we are and make us unique and beautiful.

Focus on what you like

I guarantee you that if you did have a perfect body, you would be a different person and this man would not be as attracted to you as he is. Some aspect of your personality would be different, the way you carry yourself, and even your sense of compassion and humanity would be different – and perhaps even unattractive. Start giving thanks for the things about your body that you do like and you will see a shift in your attitude towards your imperfect body. It’s the body that allows you to be so much in the world.

Have you felt insecure about your body? How did you deal with it? Let us know if you need a boost to start loving yourself: our moderators are here for you.

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a do i loose my makes me shy to walk around with....i want the simplest method please thank you....
Mon, 06/27/2016 - 10:49 am
Hey! theres some fluid that comes out of my virgina every time i feel hot for him. so is it normal ? and if its not normal what should do?
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