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‘Excess sperm’, my foot

By Valentine Njoroge March 23, 06:00 am
A friend (17) has been dating a guy (26); they are both virgins. Now he wants her to help him discharge all his excess sperm with sex. He has promised marriage.

So you are wondering whether this 17-year-old 'friend' should agree to have this man use her body as a receptacle for his 'accumulated sperm'.

Boys start producing sperm from about age 12 or 13.

Assuming that this man is telling the truth and he is a virgin, then your friend is about to receive about 13 years’ worth of sperm. Where would it go? What would she do with it?

This man is lying to her and I suspect he chose her because she is much younger than him.

Statutory rape

Women’s bodies are not receptacles for excess sperm. If your friend isn’t ready to have sex with this man, or any man for that matter, she should wait and let any boyfriend know what her plan is.

She might also consider dating boys her own age because she will find that they are easier to deal with. At 17, she is not an adult.

But her boyfriend, who has been an adult for eight years, would be committing statutory rape if he had sex with her.

And: there is no such thing as excess sperm. Instead, men’s bodies were created with two systems to get rid of old, or rather unused, sperm.
The first is the drip-method where sperm is transferred into the urethra and expelled the next time the man urinates. Men also have wet dreams where they ejaculate.

Test his commitment

This horny man is simply trying to manipulate this naïve girl into having sex with him before marriage. It is highly unlikely that he is a virgin or has any intention of marrying your friend.

If she really likes him and wants to weigh his commitment, she should ask him to wait until she finishes high school (and becomes a legal adult) and then they can revisit the issue. He will probably lose interest and move on to the next child that he can lie to. Shame on him!

Excess sperm, my foot! Mschew!

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Shame on him.....this guy is displaying his primitivity....thats just trying to be opportunistic.....let her turn down the offer right away...
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