Erection trouble: the privacy cure

Erection trouble: the privacy cure

Lack of privacy and intimacy during sex could be to blame for erection problems, especially in younger men, a large Italian study found.

Where were you the last time you had sex? Was it between the covers in the privacy of your own apartment? Or maybe you live with other people and were anxious about a roommate, or worse, a family member, walking in on you?

Not enough privacy during sex can be a pretty common complaint, especially for younger couples who don’t live together. But can it actually affect their sex life? This study of over 3700 men was the first to show it can, revealing just how important privacy and intimacy can be.

In the study, men who visited a clinic for sexual dysfunction answered questions about their sex life, relationships, and physical and mental health. They were also asked to rate whether they got enough privacy during sex, from ‘never’ through to ‘all the time’.

Erection problems

Sixteen percent of the men said that a lack of privacy was an issue at least sometimes, the study found. And this was especially true for younger men and for those who had a younger partner.

These men were more likely to have erection problems such as having a little difficulty getting hard or not being able to keep their erection during intercourse. Delayed ejaculation – when a man has a lot of trouble reaching a climax or never makes it at all – also had to do with a lack of privacy, the study showed.

When researchers dug deeper into the data, they found out that this group of men was actually healthier than those who said privacy was never a problem. Instead, it was non-physical causes that were probably involved in their sexual problems.

These men had more relationship issues, like conflict, or a partner who had lower sexual desire. And they were also were more likely to have anxiety or obsessive-compulsive behaviour.

No pharmaceuticals

That could be good news for younger men with erection problems. If a lack of privacy is an issue for them, even if it’s only some of the time, finding a way to have sex in a calm and intimate environment could help, say the researchers.

Instead of turning to pharmaceuticals, changing their environment could be a way for men to overcome psychological factors like performance anxiety and distress, and just might be the solution to their erection problems.


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  1. as for me am very concerned
    as for me am very concerned about that because i have that problem personally

    1. Hi Juma,

      Hi Juma,
      we have several articles on this topic, check out the related content box.

  2. l will like 2 knw more about
    l will like 2 knw more about sex

  3. i always feel like having sex
    i always feel like having sex but i have never found one to do it with so i always musturbate and i have done it for three years.will it affect my sex life in future?am 17 years

    1. Hi Mophat,

      Hi Mophat,
      fortunately, the myths about masturbation aren’t true. Masturbation is actually healthy for you, so no, it won’t affect your future sex life! Nothing to worry about!

  4. is masturbation the cause of
    is masturbation the cause of dysfunction

    1. Hi Reuben,

      Hi Reuben,
      no, definitely not. Masturbation, contrary to common belief, isn’t bad for you at all. It’s actually healthy.

    1. Hi there,

      Hi there,
      check the related content box- you might find all the information you are looking for right here on our website.

  5. Am looking for vargin
    Am looking for vargin arimecan lady am kenyan is it possible for me to get one to marry?.

    1. Hi Jones,

      Hi Jones,
      why does she have to be a virgin? Are you one? Why is it important to you?

  6. i live with partner have HIV
    i live with partner have HIV for almost 6 years n have 2 childrn i m still free also my children. but i m counfused how can happen that? thank.

    1. Hi John,

      Hi John,
      a common misconception is that someone gets infected as soon as they have unprotected sex with somebody who is positive. Which, fortunately, isn’t always true. Lots of factors play a role with infection. Are you circumcised? Much smaller risk. Men in general have a much lower risk of infection, compared to women. Is she on ARVs or has a very low viral load (i.e. no AIDS yet)? Then the risk of infection is also very low. And then, of course, how often are you having sex? Chances are, on days when she is not feeling well, like having the flu, and her viral load might be a bit higher, you won’t be having sex. Chances are, if you are faithful to each other, none of you will be having an STD. which again decreases the risk of infection. So you see, it is possible to not get infected. But, to keep yourself from getting infected, we would strongly advise you using condoms whenever you are having sex.

  7. i live with partner have HIV
    i live with partner have HIV for almost 6 years n have 2 childrn i m still free also my children. but i m counfused how can happen that? thank.

  8. I have erectional problem.
    I have erectional problem. How do i cope with that. i can’t make love for more than 15mins. please help

    1. Hi Whizzy,

      Hi Whizzy,
      15 minutes is pretty average, actually, so it would be fine. Or is there something else that’s not working out for you?

  9. i am eager to know, do
    i am eager to know, do murstabation leads to an increase the size of the penis?

    1. Hi lamexy,

      Hi lamexy,
      unfortunately, while masturbation has lots of positive aspects to it, it can’t increase penis size.

  10. how doea it happen that after
    how doea it happen that after the first ejaculation no more erection?

    1. Alloy,

      This is completely normal for men to have what is called a refractory period, where it cannot get hard after ejaculation. Honestly, your body is just telling you that it needs some time. There is no real way to change it or make it happen less, so just try to work with your body. If you are really hoping to have more sex, then take the time to recharge and focus on your partner. This is a good time to focus on them and give them pleasure. You will become hard again in no time and continue.

  11. There are safe ways of
    There are safe ways of masturbating.avoid that of rubbing your penis..

    1. Saka,

      most ways of masturbating are safe, and rubbing the penis is definitely not harmful!


  13. is it possible for a man to
    is it possible for a man to have sex with several women and several times, without getting pregnant.and then have sex only in a space of five days,and that woman gets pregnant? advise me please because it concerns me.

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