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Do lubricants affect women?

Some women say that they make you lose your natural lubrication abilities or cause infections. Is this true?

Every woman goes through a dry patch now and then, and lubricants become a necessity.

Lubricants are generally effective at providing additional lubrication to the vagina during sex thus decreasing discomfort.

However, some people in our society demonize lubricants and condoms as products for those with loose morals. Yet condoms can prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs, while lubricants can help avoid urinary tract infections (UTI), thrush, and even pain.

Lubricants are a woman’s friend

There is no link between the natural ability to lubricate and the use of artificial lubricants.

It’s like someone saying if you use certain drinks, your mouth will lose its natural ability to produce saliva.

I am in no way trying to belittle you, so please don’t take offence. The answer lies in what actually causes vaginal dryness in the first place.

Causes of vaginal dryness

There many causes of vaginal dryness, some related to medical conditions and medication such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment for cancer
  • Removal of the uterus
  • Antidepressant medication
  • Some cold and allergy medicine

On the other hand, some lifestyle choices and factors, as well as personal hygiene products, contribute to dryness. These include:

  • Stress
  • Relationship issues such as anger, fear, or guilt
  • Lack of foreplay
  • Douching (washing the inside of the vagina) and using harsh soaps
  • Very hot water, especially in tubs
  • Childbirth and breastfeeding
  • Low levels of estrogen and menopause
  • Some forms of family planning

Prolonged dryness periods can not only hurt a relationship as a woman would not want to have sex but also cause health implications. It’s therefore very important to know what the effects of low lubrication are to the body.

Role of vaginal lubrication

Vaginal lubrication plays very important roles, as it:

  • Removes menstrual blood and dead cells
  • Cleanses the vagina
  • Protects from infections
  • Promotes the growth of good bacteria
  • Makes sexual intercourse easier, and aids the flow of sperm to the uterus

Extreme dryness could cause the vagina to shrink and shorten. This makes sexual intercourse very painful. Also it becomes very itchy, sore, and has a burning sensation, leading to discomfort and emotional distress.

Potential risks of lubricants

  • allergic reactions
  • skin irritation
  • yeast infections
  • interfering with fertility
  • drying up quickly, requiring frequent reapplication

Treatment for vaginal dryness

A doctor could prescribe vaginal moisturizers or creams which can lessen the symptoms if applied every two days or so. However, eliminating the cause of the dryness is the best way forward.
In your case, as for most women, it could be just a case of temporary dryness which causes discomfort during sex.

In this case, a water-based lubricate can be applied before sex. Water-based lubricants are similar to the natural lubrication. There are silicon based lubricants that glide better but they can be hard to find.

Applying lubricant

If your man is one of those who associate lubrication with women of questionable character, try to educate him about lubricants and the effects of dry and painful sex.

Follow product instructions for application.

Lubricants are a girl’s best friend for those dry moments, and there is no way it will affect your ability to lubricate naturally.  

Do you have any questions about lubricants? Talk to us in the comments section.

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