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What a new woman does to a guy's orgasm

By Sarah Moses October 11, 08:54 pm
A new woman can literally change the way a guy ejaculates, according to a US study. Read on to find out how someone new can affect his orgasm.

When it comes to a guy’s orgasm, not all climaxes are created equal. There are the mind-blowing variety, and then there are those that, let’s face it, come up short. Some happen quickly, others take a while to get started; some seem to go on and on and sometimes it’s all over too fast.

There are all sorts of reasons why one orgasm is different from the next. Things like how aroused a guy is or whether he’s got other thoughts on his mind can affect the intensity of an orgasm.

Explicit videos

What about when he's with a new lover? Does that make a difference? You guessed it, some US researchers have found out the answer for you. They were curious about whether men ejaculate differently in the presence of a new woman. For practical and ethical reasons, they couldn’t exactly measure the semen of men having intercourse with a new partner. But what they could do was ask guys to masturbate while watching porn videos – in the name of science, of course!

They recruited 21 heterosexual guys between the ages of 18 and 23. Every two or three days for 15 days, the guys would stop by the lab. First they were shown six different sexually explicit video clips with the same man and woman. Then they watched a new video with a different actress and the same man. Each time, the guys’ semen was saved. That way the researchers could compare the effect of the new woman on their orgasms.

Sperm wars

So what happened when the guys watched the clip with the girl they’d never seen before? Whoosh! They not only reached orgasm more quickly, they also ejaculated a larger amount of semen and more sperm that were good swimmers.

Why would a new woman have this effect on a guy’s orgasm? It could have to do with something researchers call sperm competition. When a guy’s with a new girl he can’t be sure if there’s another man in the picture.

Ejaculating more sperm that are good swimmers, and doing it quickly, ups his chances of out-competing another man’s sperm.

This makes it more likely that he’ll win out, fertilize the woman’s egg, and pass on his genes.

Source: Men Ejaculate Larger Volumes of Semen, More Motile Sperm, and More Quickly when Exposed to Images of Novel Women (2015), Paul N. Joseph, Rakesh K. Sharma, Ashok Agarwal, Laura K. Sirot, Evolutionary Psychological Science. 1(4):195-200.

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