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Should relationships take a break?

‘We’re on a break’ are the infamous words of many on-again, off-again couples.

Taking a break in a relationship does not necessarily mean a breakup. It means you aren’t together but you have not officially broken up

Simply put, it means taking some time off from each other and your relationship.

If you ask me personally, a break is just a quick way for one person to break up with you without sounding like they want to break up. Think about it this way: You meet Caro, things are going well, you are in love with her, she knows how much you love chapo mandondo and avocado and even buys you avocado. She has ticked all the right boxes in your value system, and then one day you tell her you want a ‘break’ from the relationship. How? Does it make sense?

People don’t take ‘breaks’ from things they love and cherish. Or do they? To me, it’s either we are on or off. A relationship break is like being in that on-off position, you do not know where you stand with the other person, and trust me, that is one of the worst positions you can ever be in.

Relationships require two people to start but only one person to end it. In my experience, I have seen couples where one wants to continue with the relationship but the other one wants a break.

But a break to do what?

These blurred lines are another way of extending one’s heartbreak. You know the heartbreak is coming but you keep running away. Accept it. But, just in case you think a break can salvage your relationship, you have to set clearly defined rules and boundaries:

  • Clearly define the purpose, expectations, and goal(s) of the break
  • Define how long the break is: two weeks? three months? a year? Forever?
  • State the boundaries of the break: Can you sleep with someone else? Can you see someone else? Be clear.
  • Use the time for self-exploration and to decide whether it is time for a breakup

A break can help you figure out exactly the reason you are feeling unsatisfied in the relationship and if anything can be done to change it. If you take a break, for this reason, it’s important that you be honest with your partner about it.

If you have been unsatisfied in the relationship for a long time, there’s a good chance this break will result in a breakup and your partner needs to be aware of that.

However, by the time you are asking for a break, we all know the diagnosis of the relationship, you most likely don’t want to accept it. There’s no shame in breaking up. It’s better than a taking break.

If you are not ready for a monogamous relationship, you will be better off breaking up with them and satisfying your sense of sexual adventures while you are single.

Don’t use a break as an opportunity to have your cake and eat it too. As we all know, it’s not possible.

Have you ever taken a break in your relationship? How did it go? Talk to us in the comments section.

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  1. at one point we almost did…
    at one point we almost did have a break but it was so tough for me, so the only question she asked. Who’s gone leave the house first and Who’s gona stay behind

    1. Hi Leonard, 

      Oooh, that’s…

      Hi Leonard, 

      Oooh, that’s hard especially since you live together! I hope both of you worked your issues out. 

  2. Thank you for your advice.
    Thank you for your advice.

    1. You’re welcome, Iklima!

      You’re welcome, Iklima!

  3. Personal it has been hard for me taking a break but it was the best way for ,,have also learn alot through this thanks alot

    1. Good to know! Keep it here for more educative content!

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