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Saving it for marriage (while having sex with ex)

I am dating a guy who has promised to marry me before we have any sex. But I am still enjoying sex with my ex. I am confused…

Views on sex

Hmm… At first glance, your problem seems complex but after some thought, it is clear that you and your current boyfriend have very different views on pre-marital sex. He places a high value on waiting for marriage and is committed to doing so, while you are perfectly okay with fornicating. In fact, you are being unfaithful to him with a man you broke up with. Not only do you have different values when it comes to marital sex, I think you have different values when it comes to fidelity and cheating. You are okay with constantly lying to this man.

Are you in love with him?

I will confess that I have a personal bias against cheaters. This man has opened up to you and lets you know who he is and what he values. You imply that he is thinking about marrying you and spending his life with you. Meanwhile, you have pretended to be faithful and you are playing with his heart and his feelings. Perhaps he seems like a good idea on paper? The guy who values fidelity and will wait until marriage for sex? Plus, you don’t even mention whether you actually love him.

If your boyfriend was my brother, I would pray to God that you leave him alone and that your relationship comes to an end.

I do not know if your ex knows that he is your side-dish but I think if he found out, he would decide against being with you exclusively.

Figure out what you want

Why don’t you take some time away from these guys to figure out what you want – and to figure out how you want to treat others? Being reckless with others’ hearts and hurting them takes a toll on us. We are all capable of treating others well and I would ask that you consider doing that in your love life. Stop cheating on your boyfriend and treat him well, or leave him alone and choose the guy who understands your desire for sex and doesn’t seem to want much else.

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  1. ua so unfair God wil pay u 4
    ua so unfair God wil pay u 4 real!

    1. Jim, thanks for sharing your
      Jim, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. People, especially the youth
    People, especially the youth have a problem with making a decision wether to hold on or let go. Especially in sex that creates alot of bonds and leads to recklesness as said. I wouldn’t advocate that you come clean but let go of your ex or simply go back. Leave the other guy

    1. Reagan,

      thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. he look ther best if she real
    he look ther best if she real love

  4. My ex never so far as hv
    My ex never so far as hv some1 whu understand me am ok

    1. Sorry dear, we don’t quite
      Sorry dear, we don’t quite know if we understand what you mean.

  5. sex wid an ex s an extreme
    sex wid an ex s an extreme waste of tym

    1. Thanks for sharing your
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Did you have a bad experience?

  6. It’s so wrong …
    It’s so wrong
    That’s cheating

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