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Dating for the money

By Valentine Njoroge March 1, 06:00 am
Is it good to go for expensive first dates and to experience someone with money or maybe gifts? a female reader asks. Yes. But only if you are interested, answers Valentine.

What are you looking for?

I am not sure that I understand your question but it sounds to me like you are wondering if it is okay to go on expensive dates and receive gifts if you are dating someone with money. And certainly, there are gold diggers out there who are reading this article and wondering whether another type of dating actually exists and what it might look like.

Providing for your partner

Dating is an opportunity for a man to demonstrate what being with him would be like. So for a lot of human history, the man has wooed potential partners with gifts and expensive dates that show just how well he can provide.

Typically during courtship, men are on their best behaviour and many women joke that you should get all that you can from a man at this point in the relationship – because everything changes after marriage.

Only if you are interested

It is fine to allow a rich man to court you and spoil you with gifts. But please be considerate and only accept his attention, gifts, and affection if you are genuinely interested. Nobody wants to play the fool and many people have lived to regret their decision when the person who was buying the gifts realises that their affection was never welcome and they were simply being used for what they can provide.

Using another person can breed jealousy, resentment and even hatred. And my dear, people have been killed for less. It is one thing to reject another person but if you humiliate them, you might be in real danger.

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Did you learn something new?

Hi Kevin, have you been dated because of your money, or have you dated someone for their money?
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