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Enjoying sex with older men

By Valentine Njoroge April 11, 06:00 am
I feel good when I have sex with men older than my boyfriend. I like having experienced sugar daddies. Is this normal?

Hmmm, it sounds like you enjoy older men and might even have a preference for them, yet, have somehow ended up in a relationship with a somewhat younger man and you are wondering if his age is to blame for the poor sex?

Experience makes sex better

Well, older men have been having sex for longer than younger men have. So, with all things being equal, that is, level of attraction, affection etc…, then the older guys will win on experience alone. They have not only learned more about women’s bodies, their erogenous zones and what feels good, but they have also learned a lot about their own bodies and how to control themselves and their orgasm. That said, there are young men who are great in bed.

What can you learn from older men?

So assuming that you wrote in because you like your current boyfriend and would like to keep him and improve your shared sex life, you are going to have to educate him.

The beauty of sex is that we can always get better, and we all have to learn what works for different partners.

So, what did the older guy(s) do that you loved so much? Did they touch you a certain way? Did they speak to you a certain way? Was it longer foreplay that made the sex better for you? Can you show your boyfriend that without telling him where the information came from?

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Communication is key

Our sexual preferences and needs change with time and with our bodies so figuring out how to talk to your partner and communicate your needs will serve you both very well in the long run. Instead of stressing yourself out with what is normal, why don’t you just enjoy your sex life with the partner that you have?

Do you think that sex with older men and women is more satisfying than with someone your age? Tell us on Love Matters Kenya.

Did you learn something new?

Alex Michael
Mon, 04/11/2016 - 09:54 pm
No this is becoz the woman is older than u n u cn not enjoying a satisfying coz the lady has already been used with another man
Tue, 04/12/2016 - 07:24 am
I would also prefer a more experienced lady who doesn't use sex giving or denial as leverage. Just for love is satisfying enough.
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