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Are you meeting your partner’s emotional needs?

It’s great if you’re meeting your partner’s sexual needs. Have you thought about whether you’re meeting their emotional needs?

Happiness, sadness, love, hatred, fear, and courage are examples of emotions. These are strong feelings from within, and they can be expressed differently.

A need is something that one requires to lead a healthy life, this can also be availed in different ways. As human beings whether young or old, male, female or non-binary, tall or short, slender or plus size we all have emotional needs, which can be fulfilled in several approaches.

What are emotional Needs?

Emotional needs are feelings or conditions we need to feel happy, satisfied, or at peace.

They are things or situations that must be realized for one to have a happy and healthy living. People around you, especially your partner, play an important role in you realizing/ enjoying your emotional needs and vice versa.

People in relationships tend to have different ways they’d want their emotional needs satisfied. Emotional needs are in different categories:







  1. Attention:

    This simply means having a genuine interest in your partner’s life. It can be expressed in different ways including paying keen attention when your partner is speaking and even putting your phone aside. Fulfilling this need for your partner is part of the growth of a relationship.

  2. Meaning (purpose)

    Why am I here? This is the question that comes up in a relationship and if not clearly answered one get a sense of apathy (lack of interest) in it. You can help your partner gain sense of purpose by thinking together and identifying things that matter to them in your relationship and discuss how to protect or achieve them. This helps in sustaining relationships.

  3. Sense of belonging

    Emotional feelings of loneliness kick in if a person doesn’t feel intimately connected, vulnerable, and accepted for who they are. Finding out the drivers of such feelings becomes the first step in building a sense of belonging. The most viable thing to do as a partner is strengthening conversations and building openness in the relationship. This emotional need plays an important role in keeping a healthy relationship.

  4. Appreciation

    This is the feeling of being valued, you can help your partner’s emotional needs by a simple act of kindness which will go a long way in nourishing your relationship.

  5. Affection

    Saying words like ‘I Love You’ is a way of fulfilling your partner’s emotional need, others may do that through acts such as touching or sexual intimacy. This continuously strengthens the bond and brings you as partners closer.

Meeting your partner’s emotional needs is not cast in stone, they’re unique, vary, and evolve. Find out what their needs one.

How do you satisfy your partner’s emotional needs?

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  1. Share more information with…
    Share more information with me on sustaining partner intimacy in martiage

    1. Hi Elijah, 

      I will be happy…

      Hi Elijah, 

      I will be happy to help you. There are many things that can sustain your marriage including empathy, compassion, compromise, patience, respect, flexibility, openness. Yet of the key things is open and honest communication. When you have an open and honest communication policy in your relationship, you are at a better place to meet the needs of your partner. Read this article to how to achieve this: 11 tips for talking to your partner and The importance of open communication in relationships

  2. I love the content, very…
    I love the content, very educative.

    1. Glad you found it useful…

      Glad you found it useful Boniface. 

  3. At times you may be doing…
    At times you may be doing all this trying to save your relationship but the other party doesnt see your effort. But truely l have learnt something. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ismail, 

      This is true…

      Hi Ismail, 

      This is true. Unfortunately in relationships, you do not always get what you give. The best thing to do is to have open and honest communication with your partner and let them know how you feel. Be open about what needs are not being met. One thing to note is that you should not expect your partner’s needs to be the same as yours, they can be totally different. In the end, it is about investing time in understanding your partner and being honest about what your needs are. Also, do not assume that you are meeting their needs, it is important to ask them so that you can have a clear picture of whether this is the case. 

    1. Great to know Dorothy! I am…

      Great to know Dorothy! I am glad you learnt something new!

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