Getting over the disappointment of breaking up

Getting over a break-up

By Ariane Osman July 29, 06:00 am
Going through a break-up is not easy. You are trapped in a turmoil of emotions and negativity. Read our do’s and don’ts to stay strong.
Accept that it is over

The worst thing you can do after a break-up is to stubbornly believe that it is temporary and your ex will come back to you. Although that may make you feel better in the short term, this is not the solution.

Once it is over, your ex is not likely to return. Do yourself a favour and accept that it is over. Even though this will hurt, it will also help you heal and move on.

Lean on your friends and family

You’re not the first person in the world to get your heart broken. Talking about it with friends and family will make you feel better. They will also be able to give you some good advice on how to start over fresh.

Just make sure that you don’t constantly talk about your ex for months on end. That is unhealthy.

Start exercising

Exercise is the best way to channel your anger into something productive. Not only will working out make you feel better physically, it also releases endorphins which make you feel happy. You will have better tasks on hand to focus on.

Treat yourself well

Just because you’re sad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after yourself. Eat healthy meals, spend lots of time outside, pick up an old hobby or learn a new skill. All these things will make you feel good and make you realize that life goes on, even after the most devastating heartbreak.

Make plans for the future

From planning a night out with your friends to a full week of holiday, planning activities will make you feel excited about the future. New trips and activities will help you meet people and also make you realize that you can have fun without your ex!

Take new relationships slowly

Once you are (and you will be!) ready to start seeing someone new, then go ahead! Just make sure you take it slowly to figure out if this is really something you want. Do not just get into a relationship because of loneliness! You need to be comfortable being single in order to make a new relationship work.

Delete your ex from social media

Although you may feel like this is an immature move, it’s better than being constantly reminded of them. Social media updates might tell you how amazing their life is now that they’re single. Plus, you’ll think that they’re hooking up with that hot person in their most recent photo. They’re probably not...

Let yourself grieve

Break-ups can be devastating and the best way to move on is to grieve. Whether this means eating tubs of ice-cream, watching back to back rom-coms or crying on the phone to your best friend (or all three at the same time). You need to let all the sadness out in order to let new happiness in.

Abuse drugs or alcohol

Doing something crazy involving large amounts of drugs or alcohol may seem like the best way to numb the pain of your heartbreak. However, it won’t make you feel better in the long run and may lead to dangerous health conditions or even criminal charges.


You may want to rebound with someone to feel intimacy again.There is nothing wrong with that. Just remember that one night stands or short flings may feel good in the short-term, but they will not mend your broken heart.

Stalk your ex

If your ex never wants to see you again, leave them alone! If you stalk them, at best, they will feel sorry for you for embarrassing yourself. At worst, they will be terrified and file a police case. Don’t get into either situation!

Blame yourself

It’s easy to feel like you’re the one who caused your ex to walk away because you didn’t like their friends or you didn’t call them that one time, so on and so forth. Remember that it’s not your fault alone! Relationships are between two people and both share the responsibility when it ends.

    Stay friends with your ex right away

    Being friends with your ex may seem like the mature thing to do but at least at the beginning, it’s best not to stay in contact. You need to concentrate on yourself and hanging out with your ex will make it difficult for you to draw the line between a friend and a lover. Plus, you don’t want to deal with that awkward moment when your ex introduces you to their new partner!


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