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Bisexuality: myths busted

‘Somebody who loves despite their sex’ is one of the nicer descriptions for bisexuals. There are lots of misunderstandings though: can’t they decide? Are they closet gays? We’ll uncover the myths in this week’s sex myth buster on bisexuality!

  1. Bisexuals are confused about their sexuality

    There is a common belief that bisexuals just can’t make up their mind about whether they like their own or the opposite gender. But actually, they aren’t confused at all. Just like heterosexuals and homosexuals aren’t confused as to which gender they are attracted to, neither are bisexuals: they are simply attracted to multiple sexes.

  2. Bisexuals can’t be faithful to one person

    Because bisexuals are attracted to multiple sexes, there is a persistent myth that they can’t be faithful to any one person. But bisexuals are just as faithful as their homo- or heterosexual peers. The truth is: some people cheat, others are faithful. Sexual orientation doesn’t change that.

    Also, being bisexual doesn’t mean you want or need to have a male and female lover at the same time.

  3. Bisexuals are really straight or homosexual

    Similarly to myth # 1, some people think that bisexuals are either straight or homosexual, but can’t make up their mind yet. Or that they are in a transition phase, or want the best of both sides for a while. But no, that’s not the case. Just like homosexuals and heterosexuals don’t decide at some point they are attracted to a certain sex, neither do bisexuals.

  4. Bisexuals are promiscuous or over-sexed

    Again, because bisexual men and women are attracted to multiple sexes, some assume that they are more sexually promiscuous than others. But bisexuals are as diverse as everybody else. Some people have lots of experiences, while others may not have had any sexual relationships at all.

  5. Bisexuals are only after sex

    Wrong! What a person is looking for isn’t determined by their sexual preference. Sure, there are bisexuals who prefer one-night-stands to long term relationships. But the same is true for people of all other sexual orientations, isn’t it? Plenty of bisexuals are looking for stable partners or are in committed relationships. Sexuality doesn’t change that.

  6. Bisexuals are more likely to have STDs

    No. Diseases are spread by unprotected sex, not by sexuality. Use condoms to protect yourself and your partner from STDs, regardless of the gender and sexuality of your sex partner.

  7. All bisexuals are into threesomes

    Just because somebody feels attracted to more than one sex doesn’t mean that they automatically want more than one person in their beds at the same time. Some people enjoy threesomes or wouldn’t mind trying. Others don’t – it’s as simple as that.


    Have you got any more myths about bisexuality to add to ours? Please share your comments and thoughts below, our discussion board or on Facebook.

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