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Talking babies with your partner

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Hi BG, It is not possible to tell what could be causing this but if you have been trying for a year it is time to consult a Specialist Gynecologist who may conduct test to determine what may could be causing this. It is important you visit the specialist together with your partner so that you both can have a check up and also receive the doctors advice together. In the meantime check out this article;-

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 18:05
My partner wants me to get pregnant yet I am not ready. We are not married and not living together. How can I make him understand without hurting him coz he really wants a baby?

Hey there, the decision to have a child in a relationship is a big one. It is important that you make this decision when you feel ready, comfortable and when you feel your relationship is at a place where it can support bringing a child into your lives. If you feel you are not ready, be honest with your partner, let him know you are not ready and why you feel it is not yet time for you. Perhaps if he get to know what your reasons are he will wait or you can work together toward being ready. If does care about you, he will respect your choice and wait till you feel ready. 

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