man using had sign to forbid woman from checking his phone

Should I check partner's phone?

You are dating this dude or girl, things are going pretty well. You are already picturing your future together. Forever.  

At this point in your relationship, what's his is yours, what's yours is, okay not always his.

They are in the bathroom. There are several message alert tones. The phone is a few centimeters from you. You are curious to know the context of the messages and most importantly the sender. Should you?

You are itching to check the messages - I mean, you guys share a bed, what is a phone?

If you don’t check, chances are that life will go on. If you do, well you may find exactly what you are searching for. Chances are that the moment they enter the room, the first question will be: ‘who is Kevo?!’ Or ‘who is Carol?!’

You know, there are some conversations don’t look forward to. Like the one where you sit your partner down and utter the four magic words that spell doom: ‘We need to talk.’

Weh! no one, especially men, likes to hear those words.

What you don't know ...?

Personally, in all my relationships I avoid my partner's phone like the plague. I am a lover and I don't have enough strong muscles to get heartbroken. I'm weak.

You may go through and find that she is flirting with ‘Kevo MaWeights,’ the estate gym instructor who is made of nothing but pure sinew and muscles. She is hurting you twice—breaking your heart before Kevo breaks your bones. 

This is wisdom that has been derived from years of dedicated research, ancient Chinese tradition, and my grandfather.

What you don't know can't hurt you.

How to be happy:

Rule number 1: Leave Your Partner's Phone

Rule number 2: Refer to rule number 1 above

In Kakamega, we have a cultural icon that we believe has mystic powers. It's called the Crying Stone. Personally, I think we should lobby the government to add another crying stone that is easily accessible to everyone—our partners' phones.

If I was an actor, I would prefer to act in highly emotional scenes. It wouldn't be hard to cry if I could remember the things I have seen on people's phones.

 I'm probably crying now.

I know what you are thinking: But why does he have such a fatalistic view of relationships? I don't. I'm a realist. It's also just a sign of respect to give people their privacy.

Here's my passionate appeal: treat your partner's phone as an active crime scene. Sure, the perpetrator may actually be innocent, but to protect your heart muscles, and to save your tears for the day you graduate, or win a lottery, do not tamper with an active crime scene.

Love may be blind, but your eyes are not.

Have you ever checked your partner's phone? Talk to us in the comments section. 

Did you learn something new?

Mon, 09/06/2021 - 08:27 pm
I have and found that he inboxes numerous ladies on his FB sharing his WhatsApp mnumber for them to's hurting but it's good I know what kind of a man I'm dealing situation as per now

So sorry Milkah. This is hurtful and disrespectful. 

Perhaps you can have an honest and open conversation about his actions. Tell him that it hurts you and that cheating is a deal breaker. If he does not change, the decision is entirely up to you. Do you stay with him or do you move on? 

Abbey daniel
Tue, 09/07/2021 - 06:59 am
Yea i hv done dat and have already cost me my rltnshp recently, although there were some fact related to the action, but ill advise not to be checking our partners phones. Thanks
Tue, 09/07/2021 - 04:32 pm
He gave me his phone to take him a snap and the love message pop in which make me felt bad and he usually chatting on Facebook with me ladies
I've caught my partner cheating on me 3 times when I checked his phone because there is no way I could know if he cheats on not because we are into distance relationship nd we see once in a while but the other hand I'm happy because It makes me know the kind of person I'm dating
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