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Top 7 facts about mixed race relationships

Globalisation in our love lives has become a reality. The world and its people are closer than ever and interracial relationships are on the rise.

  1. They are very common

    Interracial relationships are getting more and more common in our lives. It may not end racism tomorrow, but interracial relationships can help to slowly reduce the boundaries between ethnicities.

    It’s no longer weird when you see a mixed race couple in movies or TV shows. Until few years ago, interracial couples were blatantly gawked at or discriminated against.

  2. Who dates interracially?

    There is little research on interracial couples, but here is what we know. College students are more likely to date someone of a different race or ethnicity. Younger people seem to be more open to it than older people. Those with more diverse backgrounds (so, for example, having interracial couples in your own family) are generally more curious.

  3. Who dates whom?

    In the US, less than one per cent of all interracial married couples are two non-white spouses. The big majority of interracial couples has at least one white partner in it. Why? Sociologists are yet to find out.

    Yet black-white marriages are still the least likely in America. Native Americans and Asians have the highest rates of marrying outside their race.

  4. Marriage? Maybe.

    Interracial relationships are slightly less likely to lead to marriage or a long-term commitment like moving in together. While of course not all relationships end in marriage, one in four same-race couples end up taking their relationship to a more serious level. For mixed race couples, the chance is one in five.

    Interracial couples are unfortunately also more likely to get divorced. The couples that stay together are often older and more educated, it seems.

  5. Serially love-struck

    People who have been in interracial relationships are more likely to get into another mixed relationship, research found. And not just a few but a whopping 92 per cent!

    That’s partly due to the fact that there is less and less segregation, and you will meet more people of different races than you would have a few decades ago.

  6. Judgment from friends and family

    If you are in an interracial relationship, you will, unfortunately, encounter stares, looks of disapproval and judgment at times. It can come from strangers, while you are walking down the street with your partner, or having a meal at a restaurant, or shopping, or at any other time.

    While that can make you uncomfortable, what hurts more is the judgment from those you love: your friends and family. Don’t let them make you insecure. You are the only one who can decide who you want to have a relationship with.

  7. Differences: the good and the bad

    Differences can make any relationship difficult. Whether it’s religion, caste, tribe or language, it’s bound to cause problems. And race isn’t any different.

    On the other hand, one of the great things about interracial relationships is that you get exposed to new cultures, religions, languages, and traditions. You may get to travel to places you didn’t think you’d visit, and you’ll get the unique local experience.

    If you can deal with the differences and learn from each other, you have a recipe for relationship success!

    Want to check out some inspirational interracial couples? Have a look here.


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  1. Hey Sydney, What can we do…
    Hey Sydney, What can we do for you?

  2. Mixing races is a disease,…
    Mixing races is a disease, period! We need to stick to own kind because every color has his/her own culture that will never be truly accepted. We lie to ourselves and have regrets later. Speaking of judging, you judge too! Don’t be a hypocrite and thinking you are better than those who have right to their opinions or judging. Some are curious and go out of their boundary are not respecting their own color. They mix because of several reasons: revenge, ego boost, ashamed of their own color and disrespecting their own family tradition. Look at Michael Jackson for example, he wanted to be white so he dyed his skin white and married white blonde. OJ prefer a white blonde yet he killed his wife because his ego and rage took over. Tiger Wood prefer white blonde, he thinks he is better than black and filipino yet he screw around every whites he can find. Stop advertising that mix races is good because it is not! It is a disease!

    1. Hi Tony, we appreciate your…

      Hi Tony, we appreciate your opinion but there are lots of mixed race relationships that have worked and are working. Just like any other relationship, mixed race relationships will have problems that may have nothing to do with race differences but alot of other differences. Remember, even persons of the same race will have differences that may lead to a failed relationship on the basis of their differences. You have given examples of highly publicized failed relationships but there lots of  unpublicized mixed race relationships that have worked even more same race relationships that have failed. Finally, nothing stops partners from learning about each others cultures and then learning to make work those differences in a relationship. If they are indeed inlove they can make it work and if it doesn’t like any other relationship, they move on and hopefully meet someone new.

    2. It’s not a disease, you scum…
      It’s not a disease, you scum! Interracial Relationships are an asset. Since it’s approving by the Supreme Court in 1967 after the notable Loving Vs. Virginia Case, Interracial Marriages and relationships have helped through the decades develop a much more structured society, especially with the healing of long hatred and division between other races. The legalization of Interracial Relationships is known to be one of the most hard fought victories over the hurdles of racism throughout history. If the Supreme Court which is the highest federal in the nation, would approve of these unions who are you to try a shine a false, negative light on them? Second of there is a thing called a preference, meaning a greater liking for one alternative over another or others. In which everyone is entitled to. Your comment shows your immense level of simplicity. Quite frankly I’m very appalled that you are making such a meaningless argument, with no substantial facts or rational reasoning,as a way to push your senseless propaganda against the beauty of Interracial Relationships. Furthermore, it’s absolutely insane that you would use that as part of your pathetic vendetta, to spread a lie of genocide on a page entitled “Love Matters” You and People like you with your same type of mindset are the scum beneath the Earth.

      1. Thank you Montana for your…

        Thank you Montana for your very passionate and elaborate response to this matter. We are glad that you did. However we would have preferred that you pass across you point without having to use strong language. Thank you though for you contribution. 

    3. @Tony Exactly, that’s really…
      @Tony Exactly, that’s really true. That’s why interracial divorce rate is higher for black men and white women. I always experience this first hand all my life; a black man that’s in an interracial relationship always say that he’s using her, she’s easy to manipulate, and she falls for everything he say. White women are easy to get cheated on, that’s what too many of them states. When they do have kids their children gets terrorize by white and blacks.

      1. Hi SLA, thank you for your…

        Hi SLA, thank you for your input. Interracial relationships can indeed be difficult to navigate and are prone to a lot of pressure from the outside.

  3. I am waking up to the…
    I am waking up to the reality that mixed race relationship just don’t work. Too much opposition from family yet we are so inlove. ?????

  4. Why did you screw my account?
    Why did you screw my account?

    1. Hello Melanie, how do you…

      Hello Melanie, how do you mean?

  5. There’s certainly some…
    There’s certainly some additional challenges with interacial marriage especially with an African American partner. However they are sometimes worth the challenges like anything else in life. I’ve had one for near 50 years.

  6. Thank you annonymous for…

    Thank you annonymous for sharing! As they say, nothing ever worth it in life comes easy but you know what? Its always worth it in the end and your testimony proves it! 🙂

  7. Hi Tomato, thank you for…

    Hi Tomato, thank you for reaching out to us and we are sorry you feel this way. What about this conversation makes you feel that anyone is sick?

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