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Does your sex life need a social media break?

Let’s face it: we’re all addicted to our phones. Is social media also entering our bedrooms? Could it maybe affect our sex life and connection with our partner? We weigh the evidence.

  • … stay connected

    For long-distance couples or those who have different work hours and don’t find enough time, social media can allow them to connect while apart. The internet thus can be useful to sustain and build relationships.

  • … spice up your sex life

    One of the obvious reasons people use Snapchat is to send raunchy and seductive snaps or short videos of themselves to their partners or friends (with benefit). The best part of this – all of the snaps and videos disappears after the user has seen your Snap. Unless your Snap is so hot, the receiver is obligated to screenshot it.

  • … keep things creative

    A lot of social media allows you to up your sexting game. Be it sending racy pictures with filters, or adding colours and fonts to videos and creating endearing cards. For instance, if your partner fantasises about you as a certain character, you can create a picture of yourself as that character to spice up their imagination.

  • … make talking about sex easier

    Talking about sex isn’t something everyone is comfortable with especially when we have grown up with the idea that sex is taboo or something that should remain in the bedroom. Social media, especially chat apps, can help people have these conversations even before you get comfortable and open enough to share things with your partners or would-be partners in person.

  • … it takes up too much time

    Let’s face it, social media is incredibly time-consuming. We tend to devote a lot of hours in the day or night to scrolling, sometimes mindlessly. Obviously, this means less time for your relationship, and in turn, for sex.

  • … you tend to overshare

    It may be tempting to over-share juicy details about your sex life online, even if it is to show that you have one. Sex cannot become just another thing to brag about or celebrated. It takes away from the value of the act. Also, your partner may not always be okay with what you are sharing about your life.

  • … it’s the third person in the bedroom

    If you or your partner has their head buried in the phone all the time, then your smartphone is officially the third person in your bedroom. If that’s the case, then it’s important to disconnect.  

    Because then, sex takes the backseat.

  • … it’s a safety issue

    Sharing racy pics or having naughty conversations with a trusted partner can be fun. But if a relationship turns sour, these exchanges can be a point of worry or concern after a breakup. So think ahead and keep safety in mind always!

    What’s your take on phones in bed? Yay or nay? Share your thoughts below, or, if your phone isn’t in a far-way drawer by now, on Facebook.

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