Does God care when it comes to true love?
Giancarlo Liguori

Does God care when it comes to love?

By Rose Odengo September 1, 05:32 pm
Sophie is confused. She is a Christian and is dating Hakim who is a Muslim. She loves him. He loves her. How can loving someone from a different religion be wrong?

Just some guy

'My brother and Hakim used to go to the same high school. I didn’t think much of him. And they weren’t that close; they just played rugby together. I would see him on occasion when I would watch my brother play. But I never really thought much of it. Life went on. I went to college. My brother graduated from university and he moved away from competitive rugby. And with that I stopped seeing Hakim.

'That was up until a year ago. I was leaving a coffee house in town heading home, when I heard my name being called and to my surprise it was Hakim. He was more handsome than I remembered him. We hugged and spoke for some time. He tried to convince me to stay longer, saying he would drop me home. But I declined. I was worn out from a long day. We exchanged numbers and that’s when it all began.'

Love sick

'When I sat in the matatu on the way home, I began to blush and my heart started to race. I felt hot; I thought I was sick. I guess I was: love sick. He was all I could think about all of a sudden. That night I slept like a baby.

'I woke up the next day so full of life and refreshed. I remember it was 6.30am because I grabbed my phone to turn off the alarm and there was a text message:

'Good morning Sunshine, was great to see you yesterday, I hope I can see you today to warm up my day. Hakim.’

'No revolting text language. It was articulate and adorable. I was dying. I texted back with a smiley and "Yes, see you at 6pm…"'

He is an amazing man and more decent than the Bible thumpers I go to church with...

Talking about the future

'Can I say that was the best day of my life? And it has only grown from there. Hakim and I are officially a couple and talking about our careers and our dreams. About marriage and raising a family. But there’s something that keeps nagging at me. I am ‘saved’. You know, the Christian belief of dedicating your life to God and living like Christ did. And Hakim is a Muslim.

'We respect each other’s faith, but a scripture says I shouldn’t be "unequally yoked with an unbeliever" – anyone who is not "saved". But he is an amazing man and more decent than the Bible thumpers I go to church with. I don’t know what to do.'

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What’s wrong with love?

'Hakim is the man for me. In a sense, he is also a believer. And does God really care about who I date? Does it really change anything? He is a good person. Doesn’t that count for something? He is spiritual. He loves me. He treats me like a queen and with so much respect. I love him with my whole being. What could be wrong with that?

Doesn’t love count for something over religious belief? I am so confused. I don’t want to lose Hakim.


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Thu, 10/22/2015 - 09:39 am
we have same story (plz if u love him go on wh at matter most it what u fill about him and after time I hope everything thing will be okay)
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