Sexual Orientation

Everyone is different – their bodies, who they love, and how they identity themselves. It is important to understand these differences and learn about how others deal with whom they love and their relationships.       



Being heterosexual means you are sexually, emotionally, and romantically attracted to a person of the opposite sex. This is often referred to as ‘being straight.’

Coming out

‘Coming out’ is short for ‘coming out of the closet’, which means telling people around you that you are gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

Being supportive of the LGBT

You don’t have to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual to recognize the injustice and discrimination that the people in these communities face. You may be straight, but you can still be an ally or supporter.

Homosexuality and the law

To say that homosexuality is seen differently in different parts of the world is putting it mildly. Cultural and personal attitudes towards homosexuality vary widely.

Safe sex and birth control for LGBT people

Do LGBT people need birth control? While it may not always be obvious, safe sex and birth control need to be considered by everyone who is sexually active – regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.