No Condoms Too Messy

No condom? Too messy!

By Kerubo Akello August 22, 06:00 am
In a monogamous long-term relationship, a couple can choose to ditch the condom for another form of contraception. But then you’re stuck with a mess…

In love...

So it's finally here: you're in a relationship. And boy, does it feel rosy! You've been putting up Instagram pics with tags such as '#hesTheBest' and '#bae' – and in the process sickening everyone with your happiness. You've met his friends and possibly even his parents. It all looks like it’s going somewhere real.

So the two of you figure it’s time to take off the protection. After all, he’s already got your heart. It's time to get tested and do the deed. Because let's be honest: sex without a condom can be very, very good.

But it’s also pretty scary. You have to change your contraception. And then you have to breathe a giant sigh of relief every time your period arrives – just in case you were in that 3 per cent who still conceive while on the birth control pill. Admit it: you panic a little, every time.

But besides such major issues, what’s the most annoying part of sex without a condom?

Having to clean up after.


The horror

Is there anything that kills the mood more than having to get up and wipe stuff off yourself when all you want to do lay back and bask in the afterglow of a great orgasm? Talk about a party pooper!

And what about showering after? And – the horror! – thinking about the possibility of having to do laundry tomorrow on top of all of that? In other words: getting in between the sheets stops being so hot when you start thinking about getting stuff ON the sheets.

At the end of the day, maybe skin-on-skin is too much trouble. I mean, unless it’s shower sex (which, if we are being honest again, is pretty uncomfortable and can feel like you are practising drowning), maybe there’s a lot to be said for using a condom.

Is it really worth it?

The obvious plus to the barrier method is that everything is already taken care of – it's like your personal inanimate housekeeper. All you need to do is throw the condom away (but not out the window, of course). And the cuddling isn't interrupted by clean up.

Secondly: no laundry! Because whoever wants more dirty linen?

And third: some people feel better using the barrier method because they feel like they have physically stopped any baby making from happening. Only by seeing it do you truly believe it, so to speak.

And besides, if you use enough lube it almost feels like the same thing.

Almost. Right?

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