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7 reasons condoms break during sex

If used correctly, condoms are one of the most effective methods for preventing pregnancy and protecting from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Unfortunately, condoms can break during sex. This can happen due to several factors. Understanding why and how condom breaks can help avoid this from happening.

7 reasons why condoms break:

1. Too much friction and insufficient lubricant

Condoms are usually pre-lubricated, although this isn’t always enough. Inadequate lubrication during sex might create friction and cause the condom to break. During anal intercourse, for example, breaking can happen due to a lack of natural lubrication in the anal region. Although the vagina produces its own natural lubricant, it does not always create enough during intercourse. For example, anxiety might cause your vagina to produce less lubricant, resulting in extra friction during intercourse. If you believe you may require more lubrication, you may purchase it at most supermarkets or pharmacies.

Don’t experiment with homemade lubes such as oil or lotion.

2. Condom is too small

Most people have no problem with condom size. However, in some cases, the condom may be too small for the penis. If the condom is too small and tight, it can stretch and tear. If you’re not sure about the size of condom you or your partner will use, talk to your nurse or doctor about it. They will help you out

3. Lubricating with oils or lotions

If you use oil or lotion-based items such as petroleum jelly (Vaseline), baby oil, massage oil, coconut oil, or other lotions, to keep lubricated, you risk tearing the condom. The most secure and safest lubricant is frequently available in a store’s condom department. However, any health care practitioner can tell you what safe lubricants are available to keep you and your partner safe.

4. Incorrect storage

Condoms should be stored in a cool, dry area away from sunlight, chemicals, and heat. Heat may damage a condom by weakening or drying it out, eventually causing it to break.

Avoid carrying condoms in your wallet.

If you plan on having sex and need to carry a condom, make sure it’s a new, fresh condom that you took out of the pack that day.

5. It has expired

Always check the expiration date on the condom. Expired condoms can weaken, dry out, harden over time and eventually break when used.

6. It was not opened properly

Make sure you are careful you open the condom wrapper package from the corner, not the center.

Do not open the package with scissors, teeth, rings, piercings, a knife, or any other sharp item.

7. Using more than one condom at once

Using two condoms during sex is a big no-no. You might think that wearing two or more condoms at the same time doubles your protection against STIs, but this is not the case.

Using more than one condom causes friction and tears in the condoms. One condom, either male or female, is sufficient.

Before using a condom, you should carefully inspect it for rips, tears, breakages, holes, or anything else that appears suspicious. Every time you have sex, wear a fresh condom.

Condoms can rip or tear, but if you follow these recommendations and apply them correctly every time, the odds of a condom breaking are extremely low.

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