Man beater

Man beater

By Rose Odengo February 4, 12:39 pm
John got to go home with Lydia, the hottest girl at a party. A relationship bloomed. 'I loved her. It was great for five months. Then things turned ugly…' In fact, things turned violent.

'It was during Sam’s graduation party that I met Lydia. Anyone who was at that party remembers her: she was the wild girl. She was also petite and sexy and I wanted her. And I was the lucky guy who got to take her home.

'She started to come over to my place and cook me dinner. After a long day driving people to Nyeri and back, coming home to a hot meal was exactly what I needed. I loved her. It was great for five months. Then things turned ugly as the nice hot meals faded to nagging.

'Lydia was a finance major in University so I figured when I picked her up that she was a smart girl and her head was in the right place.

But Lydia was just weird. She would text me and when I didn’t respond she would send texts that whined about me not loving her or crap like I-am-not-good-enough-for-you. How exactly did she expect me to text her back? My job is driving passengers long distances...

'One evening when I got home, she started yelling at the top of her lungs: ‘You don’t love me! Are you seeing another woman?’ I was so tired that I really didn’t have the energy to respond to this nonsense. As I walked to the bedroom to just lie on the bed, Lydia leapt onto my back and started beating me. She was punching and kicking and scratching. I wanted to hit her back. But I was her man so it was my job to protect her and not harm her. I shoved her off.

'That first incident shocked me. I didn’t really know how to act around her anymore. The following day at work, she kept texting me and apologising for what she had done and said she wouldn’t do it again.

'I tried to shake it off, but it went on and on. And then one day – not my proudest moments – I slapped her in the face. I had simply had it. But I immediately apologised. After that, she just got wilder with more scratchings and beatings. She’d jump on top of the furniture and scream at me. She would throw things at me, break things and still bring up the same nonsense of not loving her.

'There was always an ‘unresolved’ issue with Lydia that needed to be ‘discussed’ which would end up with me bruised and scratched.

'I can’t explain why I stayed. I loved her. Lydia eventually left me because of ‘unresolved issues’.

'Now as a man, I feel as if I can never trust women again. My heart is hardened towards them. So right now I just sleep with slutty women who just want to be screwed.'

How can John move beyond this disastrous relationship? Do you think there’s another side of the story he’s not telling us about? Leave a comment below or join the discussion on Facebook.

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Tue, 02/04/2014 - 01:34 pm
There's always two sides of the sorry for him though.he has to realise that it aint the end of the world! There are good women out there just because one failed him doesn't mean it will always be the case.however for now he has to heal from it after that he can try.good luck!
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