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He is pressuring me to send nudes. Should I?

My partner wants me to send him nude photos, but I am nervous and don’t feel comfortable. Should I?

Sending nudes is the act of sharing sexual images of yourself via a medium of communication. This could be through email, WhatsApp platform, Telegram, and instant messaging.

Increasingly, sending nudes has become a norm online. It is the in-thing right now.

There are actually countless groups and pages where people send in their nudes and get paid for it.  if this is your hustle, we are not judging. However, this does not mean that it does not come with its’ share of risk.

So, should you send him nudes?

You do not have to respond to every need just because someone is pressuring you for it. The fact that he is pressuring you and you are conflicted on whether to send it or not, means that your instinct is against it.   When something agrees with our intuition, we rarely second guess what we should do about it.

Listen to yourself.

Here are a few reasons you should keep your private pictures private;

The Internet is a dangerous place:

You could trust your partner for protecting your nudes but that is not guaranteed in the long run. What happens when you break up?  Revenge porn is real. He could share your nudes on the internet. Are you ready to handle the humiliation that comes with trending for the wrong reasons?  Do you have the mental capacity to handle trolling? If your answer is no, then take a pause and retract.

You could get into trouble with the law:

You have the right to express yourself sexually the best way you know can. However, it is important to note that any sexual image of you taken while you are under 18 years old is considered child exploitation material and is unlawful. This means that anyone sending or receiving is committing a crime and the consequences are serious. You could end up in jail or get heavy fines.

One is not enough:

Your partner might insist on one just a single nude of you and this might sound no biggie at all. However, just like sex, one is never enough. Sending that single picture will create a conducive environment for you to keep sending some more. A single action may become a habit and later a lifestyle.  As a result, it will be a challenge to say no in future requests and that could give rise to an argument and threats to leak the previous nudes.

It could affect your mental health;

Imagine sending nudes and the gadget gets hacked or lost?

The images could be traced and leaked online. This will negatively affect your mental state and mental health is currently the leading illness among young people. Mental health is important in our everyday business and it deeply impacts our normal programming. Therefore, have a sit down with your partner and come up with ways of building a healthy and safe relationship.

Have you ever sent nudes? If not, would you send nudes? Talk to us in the comments section.

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    1. Hi Cedric, 

      You’re welcome…

      Hi Cedric, 

      You’re welcome. I am glad you learned something new today! keep it here for more!

  1. Sending nudes is a NO-NO…
    Sending nudes is a NO-NO. Not only because of my religious beliefs but also my principles as an individual wouldn’t allow such.

    1. Hi Safari, 

      Thank you for…

      Hi Safari, 

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, it’s good to let your religious beliefs and principles guide you!

  2. Never ever send nudes to…
    Never ever send nudes to anyone. In addition to the above it could also create room for manipulation and blackmail. If you are uncomfortable, feel free to say no. If he leaves that’s okay, someone better will come along

    1. Great point GE. Blackmail…

      Great point GE. Blackmail happens as well. Thank you!

  3. Informative. Don’t trust…
    Informative. Don’t trust anyone with your nudes.

    1. Hi Lucy, 

      Yes, in some…

      Hi Lucy, 

      Yes, in some cases things can get really bad. It takes a very high level of trust. 

  4. It’s my life my decision
    It’s my life my decision

    1. Absolutely! This is a…

      Absolutely! This is a decision that can affect your life this you need to think carefully before sharing nudes with a partner or lover. 

    1. Hi Merry, 

      You’re welcome…

      Hi Merry, 

      You’re welcome. I am glad you learned something new today! keep it here for more!

  5. I am for it if it is a long distance relationship.

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