Happy Relationships

Relationships take work. However, not all relationship are the same. What makes one person happy could make another unhappy. Here we talk about how to keep your relationship alive, healthy, and happy.


Being in a relationship

The two of you flirted. You started dating. And then things got more serious: you agreed to be in a relationship.

11 tips for talking to your partner

We’re not born with the talking and listening skills we need to be good at communication, but everyone can learn to become better a communicator.

Types of relationships

A relationship means different things to different people, and what makes one person happy could make another unhappy.

Many partners

We tend to think that there are only two people involved when it comes to relationships. But that's not always the case.

Long distance relationships

Long-distance relationships mean that you aren’t living with your partner because you are in different places. This means you can’t see each other often.