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7 excuses men give to avoid wearing condom

By Love Matters February 13, 11:07 am
Most men don’t like condoms thus they give lame excuses to avoid wearing them.

If having a baby or STIs is not part of your plans, you may get irritated if someone is not willing to wear a condom during sex.

In case you didn’t know, this is actually quite common. Welcome to the real world where some men are happy to skip the condom.

The only reason some men wear condoms during sex is because their partner asks them to rather than fear of the potential consequences of not using them. What a shame.  

Just like reckless driving, unsafe safe can kill.

Before I start preaching about the consequences of unsafe sex, let’s get into the business that brought you here.  

Common excuses men give to avoid wearing a condom:
Trust me

Some men will say ‘You don’t trust me?’

This is emotional manipulation!

The correct answer to this should be ‘no I don’t’ but since you were raised to be a polite human, you can say ‘I do, but I would feel safer if we are both protected’.

Sadly, some women or men will give in because they want to prove that they trust their partner. Others will do it because they feel awkward saying no to unprotected sex.

Unless you have proof that he has tested for STDs and STIs very recently, you may want to have protected sex; some of these STIs have fewer or no symptoms. Plus, no one should make you feel bad for sticking to your rule.

It doesn’t feel good with a condom

This is probably the oldest and most used excuse. Many men admit to have tried severally.

Unprotected sex may seem fun and  exciting but the consequences are filled with regret and pain. Choose wisely. 

Plus, having an STI would feel much worse. So, instead of enjoying a few minutes and ending up on medications and injections for months, find ways to enjoy sex with a condom. There are many varieties of condoms that enhance pleasure e.g. the ultra-thin type.

I’ll pull out


He probably won’t. So, don’t fall for it.

This pull-out method requires great timing and a lot of self-control. Most men are unable to pull out on time. Also remember that this method does not protect you from STDs and STIs.  

I am allergic to latex

Heh, since when?

But to be fair, some men are allergic to latex.

But there’s a solution for that. We also have non-latex condoms. Non-latex condoms are just as effective as latex condoms.

So, go get yours!

They are uncomfortable

Well true, condoms can be uncomfortable.

If a condom feels uncomfortable, the solution is to check the right size that is a better fit. You can also consider the different brands of condoms until you find the correct size. Condoms that are too small or tight may be more likely to break, and condoms that are too big may be more likely to slip off.

If you’re on the pill, we are safe

She went on the pill to prevent pregnancies.

They have not yet invented a pill that prevents both pregnancy and STIs.  We are still waiting.

Condoms protect you from pregnancy and STDs and STIs. So wear them.  

I don’t have condom

Well, that’s almost honest but no one should give in however aroused you are.

He can also pretend to have forgotten to buy condoms.

As a woman or man, you also have the responsibility to buy condoms. This should not be a man’s responsibility since you are also protecting yourself.

Plus, you can always have sex next time, it isn’t going anywhere.

What other excuses do men give to avoid wearing condoms?

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Very educative."yule anakupea,pia ananipea,akikulatea ananiletea....sote tunashare" its risky.. kama akuna heri ikae.
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