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Female condoms: top facts

By Steph Haase January 13, 06:00 am
You’ve heard of, and probably used, condoms before. But do you have any experience with female condoms? Check out all the facts here.
What are female condoms?

Female condoms are a birth control method for women. Like the male condom, it stops sperm from reaching the egg – just that the woman puts the condom in her vagina, instead of the men putting it on his penis.

Who can use female condoms?

Anyone who should use male condoms can use female condoms, too.
There are even some advantages over male condoms.

You can put the condom in before sex, so you don’t have to interrupt your love making to put on a condom.
They are often made of non-latex materials and can be used by people allergic to latex.
You don’t have to remove it immediately after ejaculation.

The rings (or sponges) holding the condom can increase pleasure for both partners.
Even though there are no clinical trials on this yet, people report really enjoy using female condoms for anal sex.

Wait, what? It increases pleasure?

Yep! The outer ring can move against the clitoris. The clitoris is a woman’s hotspot and, if rubbed the right way, the power button for an orgasm.

Also, because it’s often made of non-latex material, you are able to feel body heat much better than with normal condoms.

And lastly, whether there’s a second ring or a sponge or something similar on the inside, the rubbing sensations can add even more pleasure.

How effective are they?

Female condoms are a safe and effective method that protect from both unwanted pregnancies and STDs. They even provide some extra STD protection as larger areas of the vagina and vulva area are covered, compared to male condom.

How do you put it in?

Take the condom from its pack carefully, after rubbing the package to spread the lubricant that’s on the condom.

Squeeze the inner ring, so it forms a figure of 8, and, while standing, lying down or squatting, insert the condom deeply into your vagina.

The outer ring stays outside the vagina and covers parts of your vulva.
To remove the condom, twist the outer ring a few times and carefully pull it out.

For more information, have a look here.

Are female condoms difficult to use?

Remember the first time you used a male condom? You may have been fumbling around for a little while before it worked out. And that can be the same with the female condom. It takes a few tries to really get it, but don’t let that put you off.

If it sits right, the female condom shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort. If it does, try moving it around a bit.
You can also ask your partner to help you as part of foreplay.

What can go wrong?

Just like with other condoms, the female condom can rip during sex. Also, the outer ring can be pushed into the vagina, or the penis can slip between the condom and the vaginal wall.
In all those cases, immediately stop having sex and either replace the condom, or make sure that everything is in the right place.


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How can the female condom be inserted in the ass if one want to have anal sex?.and if possible kindly inbox me pictorial demonstration on how to do it on my Whatsap account.
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