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Are all Nigerian women fake?

Many Nigerian girls are fake. How do I know which ones are for real? I have fallen into the trap too many times. I’d just like to meet a real girl.

What’s fake?

There are many fake people in the world. Fake is defined as not genuine; a counterfeit. When you say Nigerian girls are fake, are you referring to superficial characteristics like hair, nails, lashes, and all that?

What does fake mean to you? If it means a girl who is hiding her true character, you must spend a significant amount of time with her to come to that conclusion. A person’s true character will begin to show after a while, no matter how much they have padded reality. The best thing to do when trying to determine who is real is to not get quickly attached to the person. At least until you know for sure that you are comfortable with their personality.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

If you have a thing against girls who wear weaves, for whatever reason, it’s very easy to tell on a first meet-up whether a girl is wearing a weave. And if for some reason you can’t tell, call a lifeline. It’s better to rule out everything that can cause you discomfort than to invest time in a person and later find out many things you cannot live with. But maybe also question your own ideas – why is it that you don’t like weaves, or high heels, or short dresses? Everybody expresses themselves differently and that doesn’t say much about their character.

Unfortunately, there are many people who hide their true intentions and character when starting a relationship. A person may be hiding certain things because he or she may really like you and may not want to scare you off with by revealing something they believe would put you off. There are many others who are just plain dishonest and want to give off something that they absolutely are not.

Know what you want

I will assume that you have some specific qualities you look for in a girl.

Whether these are external or internal qualities, it is important for you to clearly identify what you are looking for in a girl.

You can even write down them down so that you are clear. Once you have them written down, it will be very easy for you to mentally go through your checklist whenever you meet someone.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t meet a girl who might be faking or hiding who she really is. In life, you will always encounter fake people but also make sure you yourself are not fake. Always be genuine in everything you do and say because you will more than likely always attract the type of vibes you give off.

Best of luck.

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