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The perfect way to ask someone out

Meeting Someone
You have been admiring her from a distance. Now you just have to ask her out on a date. Easy, right? No, terrifying. But it doesn't have to be...

Gender norms: silent relationship killers

Female Body
It’s a different world we’re living in. Women are no longer expected to be superhumans who take care of every task and person in their home while holding down a job.

No more deadbeat men

Happy Relationships
No luck in the dating department? Are the men interested in you either straight-up losers or show their deadbeat side once you've gone on a few dates?

Period sex: yay or nay?

Ways to Make Love
Some people are grossed out at the idea of having sex with a bleeding woman; while others really enjoy it. What's the deal: is period sex great or gross?

Keeping your vagina clean: what works (and doesn't)

Female Body
Drink natural yoghurt at least once a week to help clean your vajayjay naturally. No, actually, just put the yoghurt in there directly for best results. Really?!

To keep or not to keep: the abortion dilemma

Unsure about being pregnant?
A reminder popped up on my phone: 'your period is due in two days.' I closed the reminder and forgot all about it. Until two weeks later...

Bad relationships because you don't love yourself?

Our Bodies
It was 11pm and Sharon was staring obsessively at her phone screen, hoping to receive a text from Michael.

Magic pills: boosting women's sex lives?

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
'It takes me ages to have an orgasm. And most of the time, I don’t come at all,' Laila moans in frustration.

Quantity vs quality: what matters when it comes to sex?

Making Love
Does sex equal sex or does it actually matter what you do during a make-out session?
Five people share their thoughts.

Kenya and Nigeria: a love story

Meeting Someone
Adjusting to the peculiar habits of a lover from the same country can be tough. But what happens when your object of interest is from a different country?

Feminism: equality movement or male-bashing crusade?

Female Body
There's the saying 'a woman has to work twice as hard to get half the recognition her male colleagues get'. That's what feminists are out to correct.

How pregnancy and childbirth made me break up with him

Relationship Problems
The birth of a baby is supposed to be a joyful time for a couple, but for some, it heralds the beginning of the end.