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Types of HIV tests

The only way to know for sure if you have HIV is to get tested. Everyone between 13 to 64 years should get tested for HIV at least once in their lifetime.

How do I know the right condom size?

Safe Sex
Penises come in different shapes and sizes meaning, no two penises are the same.

My partner and I have HIV, do we need to use condoms?

Julia and I had had HIV for three years now. We often have unprotected sex, and recently, I heard that we should still use condoms. Is this necessary?

What determines penis size?

Male Body
Penises come in different shapes and sizes. But, have you ever wondered what determines the size of your penis?

What happens if I take a break from taking ARVs?

If you have HIV and have been taking ARVs, you may be tempted to or may have already, taken a break from taking your treatment. But how can this interruption affect you?

5 questions you shouldn’t ask someone living with HIV

How would if you feel if someone asked you an offensive question or said something that made you feel uncomfortable?  Not nice, right?

All you need to know about discordant couples

At the beginning of every new relationship, it is advisable to get an HIV test for all partners involved. What happens if your partner is HIV positive and you are HIV negative?

What does it mean to be bi-curious?

Sexual Orientation
John is a straight man but for some time now, he has been fantasizing about having sex with another man.

8 benefits of masturbation

Ways to Make Love
Survey shows that 95% of men and around 72% of women have masturbated in their life. That’s a lot of self-pleasure!

How do I do a testicular exam?

Male Body
Men, when was the last time you examined your testicles or balls? How do you do the exam?

Is there such as thing as a HIV carrier?

Growing up, people would use the term 'HIV carrier' often. It was widely believed that while some people could get HIV, they could not be sickly even without treatment.

The 3 stages of HIV

The signs of HIV infection vary from person to person. Others don’t show any symptoms for many years.