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I want my erection to stay harder for longer

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
I want my penis to stay erect longer. And I want it to be harder. Like really strong! What do I do?

In-laws: how to deal with the other people your partner loves

Happy Relationships
‘In Africa, a person doesn’t marry an individual. You marry an entire family.’

Why are men so obsessed with penis size?

Male Body
And: what exactly is a big penis? Does big translate to good in bed? Is it wrong to want it to be bigger? Let’s see if we can answer these questions!

Deadbeat relationships: knowing when to let go

Breaking up
Nobody prepares you for a bad relationship, so you go into every single one with the belief that it will be as good as your fantasies. Until it's time to say goodbye.

How to shoot your shot: the Naija dating guide

Meeting Someone
What do you do when you are attracted to another human but are terribly afraid of shooting your shot?

The real reason men are raising other men's children

Relationship Problems
Why do women plant cuckoos in their husband’s nests?

Sexual health for women: top facts

Sexual Orientation
Sex is great, but it can be difficult to figure out how to make it safe, especially if you are a lesbian, bi, or queer woman.

Family planning: the natural way

Types of Birth Control
You are stuck on an island without access to modern-day necessities, including contraceptives. What do you do? Remain celibate until you get back to civilization?

Vagina confident: better health, more sex

Female Body
Women who feel comfortable with their vaginas have more sex and get more head, according to a US study. But vaginal confidence isn’t only about pleasure: it could save your life.

Tough choice: your partner or your best friend?

Relationship Problems
What do you do when you are caught between your partner and your best friend?

Is cheating genetic?

Relationship Problems
People with a certain 'cheating' gene variant are more likely to have casual sex and one-night stands – and to cheat on their partners.

The situationship loop

Happy Relationships
'Situationships' are more than friendships; but less than relationships. They are pretty popular, but not everyone knows how to identify them.