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Wearing red: dressed for sex

Women wearing red clothes are more interested in having casual sex and are seen as more attractive by men, scientists say.

Red roses, red hearts and red saris all make you think about love and romance. Men are even willing to spend more money on a lady in red.

Ready for sex

But nobody knew if women are aware of this and consciously wear red to attract men for casual sex. So the scientists looked at online dating profiles to find out.

Women interested in casual sex were much more likely to wear red in their profile pictures, their results showed. It made no difference if the women were only considering casual sex in the back of their minds or said openly on their profile that they were interested in an adventure.

For the second part of the study, the researchers compared women using websites to find casual hook-ups and compared the results to women on marriage sites. Sure enough, the women looking for an adventure were much more likely to be wearing red in their pictures than those looking for marriage.

Powered by colour

So why is it that women wear red when they’re looking for casual sex? Here the scientists don’t have a clear answer.

It could be that – consciously or unconsciously – they use red as a signal to show fertility or fitness. Or they’ve just learned that men are more attracted to women wearing red and pay them more attention.

Read the signs

It’s also possible that by wearing red, women send a message to men and show other women that they’re competition. Red seems to make women feel more female attractiveness and it may make them more outgoing, the researchers think.

But just because a woman is wearing red doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s interested in sex. If she is, she’ll show other signs, too – for example through flirting conversation, long eye contact or provocative poses!

Naturally red

Interestingly, female baboons and chimpanzees use similar colour signals when they are looking for sex, the scientists say. But clearly they don’t have a wardrobe to turn to. Instead, parts of the animals’ bodies actually turn red – their genitals and breasts. The male apes respond by masturbating more and trying to mate with the females.

Colour seems to be important when it comes to sexual attraction, the researchers concluded. So if you are looking for an adventure, you may want to keep this in mind for your next shopping trip!

Girls… think about your wardrobe. Do you dress in red when you’re in the mood for a bedroom adventure? Guys… are girls in red more sexy and attractive? Leave a comment here or join the discussion on Facebook. For any questions, get in touch with our forum moderators.


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  1. Was heartbroken yesternight,I
    Was heartbroken yesternight,I saw my crush leave the hostels at 9 in red,she was very sexy n beautiful.

    1. Hi there,

      Hi there,
      Sorry about how you feel, But as the article explained it could be conscious or not that a person wants to feel more attractive in red.

      Have you tried to talk to her? If you are no brave enough here is an article that will help you improve your chances with her .

    1. You are right Emily, thanks
      You are right Emily, thanks for sharing.

  2. yeah, red gets me ti the…
    yeah, red gets me ti the mood…short red infact.

    1. Thank you for sharing.

      Thank you for sharing.

  3. I am looking for a short,…
    I am looking for a short, beutiful black woman for a possible relationship. Can help me find one?

    1. Hi John, unfortunately, we…

      Hi John, unfortunately, we are not a dating service and for this reason we are not able to help you meet someone. We do wish you all the best.

  4. Why is it that men like to…
    Why is it that men like to dump girls after they have sex with them? My friend is going through a hard time now for second time. Guy just goes silent after sex?

    1. Hey Purity, it is…

      Hey Purity, it is unfortunate that this is what your friend is having to deal with and for a second time. It appears that these guys were only interested in having sex with her and not a long term relationship. It maybe difficult to tell whether a person is just interested in sex unless they are very upfront about it. It is important that one takes time and only has sex when they feel ready and comfortable to have it. If they are not ready for any reason they dont have to. Having said that, not all men will dump a woman after sex. Have your partner take time and heal from these experiences before trying to get into a new relationship. Check out this article for more information;-

    1. Hey Oscar, unfortunately we…

      Hey Oscar, unfortunately we are not a dating service and for this reason we are not able to help you meet someone, we wish you well.

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