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Asking your crush out: do’s and don’ts

Ladies, we need to do what men have been doing for ages: asking them out! Here are a few things to keep in mind when you ask your crush out.

  • Believe in yourself

    You are your own star, your own decision maker. If you like a person and genuinely want to start a new friendship or a relationship, don’t let anything else bother you. Go ask your crush out because hardly anyone can say no to a proposal from a confident person. If they do, too bad. A loss for them we’d say!

  • Get things going

    You feel you’ve been playing hide and seek with your crush for long now and the conversation hasn’t gone beyond the initial hello.

    Why don’t you take the initiative? Maybe they are too hesitant to ask you out and have been waiting for you to take the lead. Talk about general stuff like – ‘How was your weekend?’ ‘It’s too cold today, do you think it will rain?’ All great relationships start with a PC (pleasant conversation). Go ahead and make some.

  • Have fun with friends

    When you both start talking casually and regularly with each other, take the next step. But don’t jump the gun too fast and ask him out for a date alone. Yet. Try to gauge his likings and suggest something subtle like, ‘Do you want to go for a movie/ theater/concert/ play with your/his friends this weekend?’ A series of dates with friends is a good way to get to know a person before going through a full proposal.

  • Pay a compliment

    There is surely stuff you like about them – hence the crush. Well, say it out loud then! A compliment on style, hair, or just on the twinkle in the eyes. A smart person will get his hints. Do make sure you are being genuine in your praises. No one enjoys flattery, perhaps other than your boss!

  • Worry about the consequences

    This is like losing a race even before you have started to run. Well, if you aren’t going to step out, how will you know it is going to rain? Okay, that’s too many phrases. But seriously: if you don’t take risks in life, you risk losing more!

  • Be upset if he’s already taken

    So you poured your heart out to them but they decline your proposal because they are already taken. Don’t feel bad and don’t let this dampen your confidence. There is nothing you can do about this issue and you are not be blamed either. They just weren’t meant for you! Move on.

  • Stress about what people would say

    Please! Stop thinking about what will people say if you take the lead. Will you let the man of your dreams slip away for the fear of what people will say if you ask them out? Stop thinking about people who do not matter in your life and put your best foot forward to take the initiative.

  • Make a hasty decision

    Before you ask the man out, ask yourself: why do you want him in your life? What qualities do you like in him? Are you taking this step because all your friends have boyfriends and you don’t? That’s no reason to have anyone in your life. And remember getting out of a bad relationship is far harder than getting into one. So give it a good think before you make a start.

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