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Sex and money

Happy Relationships
Do men feel exploited by women? Do they like taking care of their girlfriends? What do they expect in return? Is it normal to exchange sexual favours for money today?

Premature ejaculation: the bane of all men

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
Dude is ready to 'knack' a 'set' babe, he 'dives' in, and emerges seconds later with a sheepish look on his face. A patronizing look on the girl’s face. He is mortified.

Performance enhancing drugs: after it's up, then what?

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
Nigeria is not left out when it comes to performance-enhancing drugs. Is there more pressure to perform and performance anxiety? How do young locals deal with this?

Boys don't cry, right?

Male Body
Men are strong. Men don't need anyone. And men who cry are wusses. All wrong, says Ojus. It's time to re-think what men can and should do.

Nigerians: let's talk about sex

Love & Relationships
A 16-year-old Nigerian kid gets pregnant. Family members gather to discuss the issue. Who is to blame? The kid’s parents? Pop culture? Or the girl herself?