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She doesn't want to come to my church

Happy Relationships
My girlfriend is in a different church. She has refused to join me at my church and I'm not ready to go to her church. What can I do?

Painful sex and periods

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
My girlfriend always feels pain when we have sex, unless she is on her period. What might be the cause, and is it wrong to have sex while she bleeds?

Dealing with period pain

Female Body
I have terrible menstrual pains! Why? And how can I prevent the cramps and pain that come with my period?

Got lube?

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
Do lubricants affect women? Some women say that they make you lose your natural lubrication abilities. Please help.

Help! My penis is bent!

Male Body
My penis is bent downwards. I find it really embarrassing. Kindly tell me how and where to rectify it?

Can I marry someone I met on Facebook?

Meeting Someone
I have met a guy on Facebook and we fell in love. Is it okay to marry someone I only know from social media?

The noisy virgin

I have been dating a girl for three years. She pretended to be a virgin, made weird noises when I inserted the penis into her vagina. Was she really a virgin?

How long should periods last?

Female Body
My girlfriend has her period for two days only. Please, I need a solution to this problem. It wasn't like that in the beginning.

Marrying a cheater?

Relationship Problems
Is it right to marry a man who divorced his wife because of cheating?

Understanding women and sex

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
My girl always denies me sex with her. In case we do have sex, she only gives me 2 shots, yet I’m not satisfied. What could be the problem?

HPV, cancer, and warts: what's the deal?

I have heard that HPV can be contracted through kissing. Is this true?

Female condoms: tell me more

Types of Birth Control
I want to try female condoms, but I have no idea where to get them or how to use them! Also, are they effective at preventing STDs?