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How to make first time sex a big success

I want to have sex with my girlfriend for the first time. But I'm scared – I'm a virgin and I don’t want to disappoint her. What can I do to make it good for her?

Awkward: sex toys at the airport?

Ways to Make Love
At the airport, a customs officer finds a rubber penis in a lady's handbag and asks her if she is married. What can she say?

Better communication = better relationships

Happy Relationships
How can I boost communications in my relationship? Because sometimes, silence emerges. Please help!

I want a long, straight penis

Male Body
Chris, what can I do to make my penis longer and straighter? I need your help!

Is my girl enjoying sex?

Ways to Make Love
Hi Chris, I would like to know: what are the subtle signs of a woman who is enjoying sex and having fun in bed?

Baby weight: losing the baby belly

Being Pregnant
I delivered a baby boy and gained over 15kg. The weight doesn't bother me but it came with a huge belly which I have tried to lose without success. Please help.

Help! My gf is avoiding me

Breaking up
A few weeks ago, my girlfriend stop picking my calls and also stop replying to messages. I have tried to see her but all she would say is that she's busy. Help!

Marriage, a baby, and a jealous ex?

Relationship Problems
Should I marry for or get her pregnant before her ex gets back from his police training, so he gets the message that it's really over between them?

Losing interest?

Relationship Problems
How do I find out if someone is losing interest in me?

No sex = bad mood?

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
Can a lack of sex in a long-term relationship affect my mood? I've been feeling a bit blue lately.

Vaginas: are they all the same?

Female Body
Are all women's vaginas the same, or is one sweeter than the other?

What women want

Meeting Someone
What is the main thing that women look for in men before settling down for marriage or a serious relationship?