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Libido differences: matching sex drives

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
How can a lady sustain a relationship or marriage if the guy’s libido is higher than the lady’s libido?

Why are men into lesbian porn?

Why do so many men seem to love the idea of watching lesbian porn?

Can I get an IUD?

Types of Birth Control
I'm a 19-years old virgin and want an IUD but I've never had an abortion or a child. Also, is there a risk that I'll never have a baby if I use an IUD?

Can't orgasm during sex because I masturbated?

Ways to Make Love
I've been masturbating since I was 14, I’m 25 now. Whenever I’ve had sex everything happens as expected, I get aroused and wet but don’t get an orgasm at the end of it all.

Pregnant: when should we stop having sex?

Being Pregnant
I’m very excited, I’m pregnant. At what point do we need to stop having sex? I don’t want to hurt the baby.

My vagina always smells weird

Female Body
What does it mean if your vagina always smells? It's making me feel self-conscious.

My gf is talking to her ex: should I be worried?

Relationship Problems
We have been dating for the last one year and we are in love. But I have noticed that she is talking to her ex. She says they are just friends and nothing more.

5 inches: the ideal penis size?

Male Body
They say that a good dick should be more than 5 inches long. Is this for erect or non-erect penises? And: does longer mean better?

Vaginas: are they all the same?

Female Body
Are all women's vaginas the same, or is one sweeter than the other?

I want a bigger butt

Female Body
I want a big, round, sexy ass. What are the side effects of butt enlargement pills and creams?

Help! My girlfriend's mum hates me

Relationship Problems
My mother-in-law hates me. I want to marry my pregnant girlfriend but her mother has refused. I don't know why. What should I do?

I've never had an orgasm

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
I have never had an orgasm. Why? What's going on? I enjoy having sex with my man a lot but have never climaxed. Please help me.