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Do I need a prescription for birth control?

You can get some birth control methods at the chemist, while you might need to see a healthcare professional for others.

Or a doctor needs to do a procedure for the birth control method to work.

Sometimes you don’t have the opportunity to visit a doctor; in these cases, you should look at the list of birth control methods which don’t require a doctor’s visit.

You might be able to get some methods, like the pill, from the chemist without a prescription. While this may seem convenient, we strongly recommend you talk to a healthcare professional before using most birth control methods.

Do it yourself

  • Breastfeeding            
  • Cervical cap
  • Condoms
  • Sponge
  • Female condom
  • Rhythm method
  • Withdrawal
  • Spermicide     
  • Abstinence
  • Outercourse
  • Emergency contraception (the ‘morning after pill’)

Doctor required to do a procedure

  • Vasectomy
  • Implant
  • IUD
  • Female sterilisation
  • Shots

Prescription needed:

  • Pill
  • Patch

Staying safe

Talking about your sexual activities and even your gender to a health care professional or chemist can put you at risk. This is mainly the case for sex workers and sexual and gender minorities.
Before you share your sexual history, sexual orientation, and gender identity with anyone, please make sure that they are trustworthy and that disclosing this information won’t put you at risk of extortion, being ‘outed’, or abuse and violence.

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  1. What are the disadvantages…
    What are the disadvantages of the oral contraceptives?

    1. Hi Shelly, Some of the…

      Hi Shelly, Some of the disadvantages of oral contraceptives include; 

      • You’ve got to take it every day – miss a day and you could get pregnant
      • It doesn’t protect against Sexually Transmitted Infections
      • It can be expensive
      • You need to see a health care provider and get a prescription

      However when use well oral contraceptive are highly effective in preventing pregnancy. Check out this article;-

      1. We are glad you like it…

        We are glad you like it Alice! Please feel free to go through more of our content and let us know what you think and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out! Have a wonderful week ahead and stay safe!

  2. Is it advisable to to take…
    Is it advisable to to take morning after pills more than once in a single month (took 3 times last month)? What are some of the effects of taking more than once??

    1. Hello Jesica, thank you for…

      Hello Jesica, thank you for reaching out to us. Medical studies have found that there are no serious adverse effects of taking the emergency pill more than once in one cycle apart from the disruption of your cycle and a serious tummy ache and nausea. However, it is advised that if you find yourself regularly using emergency contraception, that you find a long-term option.

  3. Hello do pills make one add…
    Hello do pills make one add weight coz now I can’t even walk much due to my weight

  4. Hi Anonymous, thank you so…

    Hi Anonymous, thank you so much for reaching out and asking a great question. Depending on the type of birth control that you choose, they can affect your thyroid which is responsible for your hormone balance. A hormone imbalance can contribute to weight gain so it is best to consult your doctor before using any form of birth control medication. Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

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