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You had sex... where?

Ways to Make Love
Do you want to switch up your sexy time routine? Some people do that by having sex in weird places. Get inspired by these stories.

Anal sex: top five facts

Ways to Make Love
Anal sex – plenty say they love the intense sensation and pleasure. But many others cringe at the idea of anything other than water and soap getting near their rear end.

Love ABC

Love & Relationships
So much to know, so little time: talking about sex and being in a relationship can be hard. We've put the Love ABCs together, for you to become a pleasure and love pro.

Masturbation: your burning questions answered

Ways to Make Love
There are so many myths around masturbation that it’s not surprising people have lots of questions about it. We answered your main queries. Karibuni!

How can I get my ex back?

Breaking up
My ex and I broke up, but I really, really want them back. What should I do?

Is it okay for girls to masturbate?

Ways to Make Love
I've heard from many people that girls who masturbate are dirty. But I like pleasuring myself, it makes me feel good. What should I do?

Your most burning LGBT questions answered!

Sexual Diversity
Asking questions about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people can be difficult, especially if you don't know who to turn you. Love Matters has got you covered!

Is it okay for women to talk about sex?

Making Love
Don't you feel uncomfortable talking about sex, as a woman? This feels so awkward! How and when do you get started? Help, please!

Valentine's Day fails

Relationship Problems
It’s that one time of the year that many couples look forward to and singles hate – Valentine’s Day. But you won't believe the bad luck some people have!

Do LGBT people need birth control? 

Sexual Diversity
Do LGBT people need birth control? It may not have crossed their mind, but yes, absolutely! Let's bust some myths: for pleasurable sex that's also safe.

Can I change my gender?

Gender Diversity
I was born with male body parts but I am attracted to men. I don't identify as a man. I want to be and live like women. What should I do?

Everybody found out I masturbated!

Our Bodies
Growing up can be hard. Exciting. Awkward. Especially when it comes to sex and sexuality. Six people share their experiences with Love Matters.