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In loving memory of JMM

Unsure about being pregnant?
JMM was born on February 5th, 2000. She died in June 2018 at only 18 years of age.

How soon can I have sex with a new partner?

Making Love
Is two weeks too early to have sex with a new partner?

My partner refused to get tested for STIs!

My partner said I should go and get tested for STIs. But he has refused to come with me, or even tell me why he is insisting on me doing the test.

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) among LGBT

Relationship Problems
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is not only an issue affecting heterosexual relationships.

7 signs you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship

Relationship Problems
Emotional abuse is often quite subtle meaning it can be hard to tell you’re in one.

What is the age of consent?

Sexual Harassment
Your penis or vagina belongs to you, but you should not use it as you please.

8 signs you could be pregnant

Before Pregnancy
Am I pregnant? What signs should I look out for?

Pap smear: 6 facts you should know

A Pap smear is a procedure undertaken to test cervical cancer in women. It is also called a Pap test.

Can I change my gender?

Gender Diversity
I was born with male body parts but I am attracted to men. I don't identify as a man. I want to be and live like women. What should I do?

10 tips for a healthy pregnancy

Being Pregnant
Are you pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant? Here are pregnancy tips about taking care of yourself and the baby.

Emotional support after miscarriage

Being Pregnant
A miscarriage can have serious emotional impact on the affected woman, her partner, friends and family.

Is my vaginal discharge normal?

What’s normal when it comes to vaginal discharge? What’s not?