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Let’s talk about Viagra

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
What is it? Who should use it? What are the side effects?

I don't want to have children!

Before Pregnancy
I am married, and I don’t want to have children.

Do LGBT people need birth control? 

Sexual Diversity
This may not have crossed your mind but one thing is for sure, they also need safe, pleasurable sex.

He promised he will change. Will he?

Relationship Problems
‘I promise, I’ll change.’

My friend’s husband is cheating, should I tell her?

Relationship Problems
Or should I mind my business?

How soon can I have sex with a new partner?

Making Love
Is two weeks too early to have sex with a new partner?

Weird things women do to prevent pregnancy

Birth Control
What are some weird things people do during and after sex to prevent pregnancy. Do they work?

The risks of a home abortion

Unsure about being pregnant?
Eat this, drink that, insert that…the risks of unsafe home abortion range from incomplete abortion to death.

6 tips for talking to rape survivors

Sexual Harassment
If someone you know and love is a survivor of sexual violence, it can be really difficult to find the right words when you are trying to comfort and support them.

7 excuses men give to avoid wearing condom

STI Prevention
Most men don’t like condoms thus they give lame excuses to avoid wearing them.

Can I get an STI from oral sex?

You will not get pregnant (or get her pregnant) through oral sex but what about STIs?

Can my partner feel my IUD during sex?

Types of Birth Control
Worried that your man will feel the IUD during sex?