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Can a man trap a woman by pregnancy?

Unsure about being pregnant?
People say women trap men with babies, but have you ever heard of the opposite? Women do not have as much control over their reproductive health as people seem to think...

HIV: living positive-ly

The year is almost over at last! December 1 was World Aids Day, and we shared a few tips and pointers on dealing with PEP and PrEP. In this article, we talk to someone who is living positively with their HIV positive status.

The different forms of Gender-Based Violence

Sexual Harassment
You may have heard the term 'Gender-Based Violence' in conversation, or on the internet, and wondered either what it means or what it covers. Here’s a breakdown of the different forms of GBV.

Fatou Jagne Senghor: Human rights & free expression campaigner

Female Body
For two decades, Senegambian Fatou Jagne Senghor has passionately defended human rights, media freedoms, and the freedom of expression across the continent.

How to get out of an abusive queer relationship: part 2

Breaking up
As terrible as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is, there are unique challenges the LGBQ+ community experiences in these situations. The mutual fight myth and the hyper-sexualisation of bisexual people are some examples.

How to get out of an abusive queer relationship

Relationship Problems
The term Intimate ‘Partner’ Violence (IPV) was created because same-sex relationships have the same problems as opposite-sex ones. Can victims find their way out of a situation that isn’t acknowledged?

What’s on your sex bucket list?

Will 2020 carry on like this? We have no idea! But many of us must have thought about all the what-ifs. What if we don’t get to travel again? But also, what if we can’t finish our sex bucket list?

Newly single: the in-between

Breaking up
When you find yourself newly single after a long time there is an adjustment period that we often don’t talk about. How should we cope with the period between the breakup and the glow-up?

International Day of the Girl Child 2020

Gender Diversity
International Day of the Girl Child was adopted to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world.

Beverly Palesa Ditsie: A pioneer for African intersectionality

Sexual Diversity
South African activist Beverly Palesa Ditsie helped bring Pride to the continent and led the way for the recognition of multi-sectional human rights.

Dr. Josephine Kulea: The woman shielding girls from FGM

Female Body
International Day of the Girl Child is on Sunday. We're honouring a few champions because of it. Our first champion Dr. Josephine Kulea. She is working towards ending FGM and the sexual enslavement of children.

Kegels are for men, too!

Male Body
We know women are supposed to do Kegels exercises. But men need pelvic floor strengthening too!