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How do queer Christians live with religion and sexuality?

Sexual Diversity
Many queer people are religious in their own right, but there is a clash between their choices, scripture's rejection and other queer people's contempt of organized religion.

Sex and Disability 101

Sex & Disability
People with disabilities being viewed as ‘not sexual’ means living in a world that makes them feel like they aren’t sexy, or like they aren’t potential sexual partners. For the abled community, this perception reinforces the unfair sexual prejudice surrounding disability.

Safety first: tips for navigating homophobia

Sexual Harassment
Restrictive laws and cultural norms means African queer reality is rife with cases of psychological & physical trauma. The queer individuals' stories below outline some tips to help you keep safe as you navigate queer-phobia.

#Repeal162: Back at it!

Sexual Diversity
Despite the Kenyan High Court’s ruling earlier this year dismissing the petition to Repeal penal code section 162, all is not lost.

Why Bi Visibility Day is important

Sexual Orientation
Bi-visibility Day is marked by efforts to increase awareness and acceptance of bisexuality. People are also encouraged during this time to be attentive of their bi-phobia, mono-sexism, and bi-erasure.

Bisexuality: biology + chemistry?

Sexual Orientation
Life is sometimes like a scratch card, once you dig under the surface, all is revealed. Sexuality is the same in this way as it isn’t always clear cut or apparent. This is why there are so many sexual identities and orientations and why some people, like Terry* discover themselves along the way.

Single on V-Day: getting through the day of love

Happy Relationships
I've spent Valentine's on both sides of singlehood: first as a 'forever single person' at peace with spending it alone, then as someone used to being with a partner.

Harassment at work: you aren't imagining it

Sexual Harassment
Harassment in the workplace can be complicated. As terrible as sexual harassment is, it isn’t the only way a person can feel worthless or threatened at work.

HIV: what to expect when getting tested

We talk a lot HIV but don’t know what to expect when getting tested. To help you with the experience, we’ll walk you through what happens in a testing room.

Party safety guide

Sexual Harassment
If you’re a newbie to the party scene or you’re the average university student ready to turn up, we have tips on how you can make lifelong memories without regrets!

Self-care: a priority for all

Our Bodies
What it is self-care and why it is important? Here is a simple explanation on why everyone needs to implement self-care in their everyday life.

What you need for a great relationship

Happy Relationships
It’s easy to get carried away in the warm glow of new love. But love isn't the foundation on which to build a healthy long-term relationship. There are far more important things.