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Are you looking for a sex coach?

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
A substantial number of people reach adulthood without proper sex education and sex-positive instruction. Sex or intimacy coaches help individuals, or couples achieve positive and healthy results in their sexual relationships.

Is the Kenyan film 'Rafiki' immoral?

Sexual Diversity
The Kenyan High Court has upheld the ban of the highly debated locally made film ‘Rafiki’. The court claims it is protecting society from moral decay. But is that really how morals and art work?

How to be around an Introvert during COVID-19

Happy Relationships
It’s been a running joke that introverts have been practicing for social distancing all our lives - but none of us was prepared for Corona.

Sex after thirty!

Making Love
One minute you're young and carefree. The next, you're over thirty and your favourite sex position is sleep. How much better or worse does sex get after thirty?

Coming out: it's complicated!

Gender Diversity
Coming out is usually portrayed as a path to true liberation and the ultimate way to honour oneself in totality. But is it for everyone?

What is the future for sex work?

Safe Sex
Some say removing criminal bans will create safer environments for sex work; abolitionists say the sex trade normalises the use of vulnerable bodies.

'Disabled' is not a bad word

Our Bodies
We have unconscious assumptions of what agency looks like on a day to day basis. This assumption looks almost nothing like the reality.

The Asexual community

Sexual Diversity
Asexuality is a sexual orientation and that falls under a spectrum, meaning it is not the singular or standard identity that we may think it is.

Being a woman in 2020: Part 2

Female Body
Being a woman in 2020 isn’t all bad. We have unprecedented access to information, we can reach out to those who need support, and we can speak out about the areas of inequity that persist.

Being an African woman in 2020

Our Bodies
While we cannot dismiss how far women’s rights have come, we can all agree the journey is far from over. Let’s take a realistic look at what it looks like to be an African woman in 2020.

How do queer Christians live with religion and sexuality?

Sexual Diversity
Many queer people are religious in their own right, but there is a clash between their choices, scripture's rejection and other queer people's contempt of organized religion.

Sex and Disability 101

Sex & Disability
People with disabilities being viewed as ‘not sexual’ means living in a world that makes them feel like they aren’t sexy, or like they aren’t potential sexual partners. For the abled community, this perception reinforces the unfair sexual prejudice surrounding disability.