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What are the mental health effects of FGM?

Female Body
Many women and girls who've undergone FGM often show disturbing signs of physiological trauma. The trauma can range from mood disorders, post-traumatic stress, depression, somatization to anxiety.

Can I get an STI from a toilet?

Ian just discovered that his new girlfriend Neema has Chlamydia. They’ve never had sex. She says that she must have caught it from a toilet seat. Is this even possible?

Why do I have pimples on my penis?

Male Body
Hi Love Matters,
I have many small bumps on the head of my penis. Is this normal?

Help! my erection lasts over 4 hours!

Male Body
Deno sometimes gets erections that last over 4 hours! The erections are painful and the pain keeps getting worse. Is this normal?

Can fingering cause an infection?

Ways to Make Love
My boyfriend fingers me often and recently, I bled and it felt sore. Could it be that the fingering has caused this?

I am a guy, I enjoy anal sex, am I gay?

Sexual Diversity
I am a man who enjoys anal sex and anal stimulation from my girlfriend, does that make me gay?

Why I'll never call other women in my husband’s life

Relationship Problems
Often, relationships are between two people or an agreed number of people, but what happens if there’s an uninvited guest?

7 things people don't like about oral sex

Ways to Make Love
Oral sex is a crowd pleaser and most people rejoice in giving and/or receiving it. Some, particularly men, go as far as saying that oral sex or blowjob is far pleasurable than sex.

6 common sexual and reproductive health issues in men

Female Body
A urologist is to a man what a gynecologist is to a woman. A urologist focuses on sexual and reproductive health issues in men.

7 ways to boost your sexual confidence

Ways to Make Love
A lot of things affect sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Sexual confidence is one of them.

What can you learn from single people?

Happy Relationships
Is it just me or do single people have a lot of ideas about love and how to have a successful relationship?

How would write your wedding vows?

Love & Relationships
Gone are the days when wedding vows used to be too serious. Today, people are a bit relaxed and don’t mind adding funny phrases.