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What to do when you meet a mansplainer!

Sexual Harassment
By virtue of being a man, one becomes an expert in multiple fields, and must therefore explain all things to women.

Not all men...

Sexual Harassment
We started this rallying call and hashtag to speak out against the rampant sexual and physical abuse of women at the hands of men. It was urgent to call them out because men were and are literally killing us.

Does sex feel better without a condom?

Birth Control
What if your boyfriend can't orgasm with a condom on? What comes first for you: pleasure or safety? Or can you have both?

Kinda sorta safe-ish days

Choosing the right birth control
'Safe days' – the time frame of your cycle when you won't get pregnant, even if you have unprotected sex. At least in theory...

Knowing yourself – the biblical way

Ways to Make Love
Is masturbation the most unchristian relationship you can have with your body?

HIV: burying my parents

My father committed suicide when he found out he was HIV-positive. In Kenya in 1997, HIV was considered a death sentence. He chose to speed up the process.

Manly and masculine: what does that mean, anyway?

Gender Diversity
Is gender just a title limited to the genitalia you are born with or is it so much more?

A journey to myself

Our Bodies
If you had the chance to go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

Speak out for love

Sexual Diversity
People don’t seem to care about what straight couples do in their relationship. Same-sex couples and their relationships, however, are constantly scrutinised.

The gatekeepers

Sexual Harassment
When communities fall apart during war and conflict, young girls especially face the extra threat of sexual harm and violence. Can anything be done to stop this?

Periods: a little stain never hurt anybody

Female Body
Almost all women bleed once a month. It's the foundation of life – it should be a beautiful thing. But we treat it like it's dirty and a taboo. Why?

Fake it till you make it?

'If you aren’t aware that like all women fake orgasms at some point, you’re clueless,' I said to Mark rolling my eyes at his male ignorance.