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Helplines and Counseling

From time to time, you might need a hotline to call and ask for help. Other times you might need specialized counseling services. Love Matters has put together a list of professional services that you can access anytime.

For any counseling service please contact the following:

Youth Hotline

  • One2One Hotline: 1190 (free from any Safaricom line)
    One2One Hotline provides a unique sexual health and HIV hotline for youth in Kenya. One2One is confidential and anonymous. 

General Counseling Services

  • Amani Counseling Center: 0722 626 590/0733 263 870
    Amani provides counseling services for people with emotional and psychological problems.
  • Discovery Counseling Services: 0700 270 983/0721 513 438
    Discovery Counseling provides marriage, depression, grief, and bereavement counseling.
  • Kenya Marriage Counseling: 0721 743 977
  • Oasis Counseling Center: 0733 366 614/ 0725 366 614
    Oasis Africa is a professional counseling and behavioural mental health care organization that provides services to individuals and organizations in Kenya.
  • Rescou Counselors: 0726 293 913
    Rescou provides psychological, social, and emotional support to those in need by offering advice, education, support, and counseling.
  • Fortress of Hope: 020 2420924/0724 834 512/0723 024 018
    To provide a platform through which girls are able to make informed choices concerning their lives so as achieve behaviour change and improve their economic status.

Abortion Helpline

  • Aunty Jane: 0727 101 919/ 0753 700 352
    Aunty Jane is a hotline which provides reliable, safe, and confidential information to save women's lives. This hotline is not a counseling or medical service.

Suicide Helpline

  • Befrienders Kenya: 0736 542 304/0722 178 177
    Befrienders Kenya is a charitable organization that focuses on suicide prevention. They offer emotional support to those who may be in distress and in danger of committing suicide.

For any additional help, you can always reach the Love Matters team on the discussion board and Facebook.