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Erections: the truth about morning wood

Male Body
Has he been dreaming about other girls – is that why he has a hard-on waking up? Or are morning erections normal?

Concerns about breaking up are bad for your relationship

Relationship Problems
Do you worry all the time that your partner is going to end things with you? All that worrying might actually help to make your worst fears come true.

Red or black? What to wear on a first date

Meeting Someone
Your favourite little black dress or that red halter neck top? Red is sexy, but black is cool and sexy. Can't decide? Don’t worry, science is here to help you.

Can you sound 'gay'?

Sexual Diversity
Can people tell if you’re straight or gay by the sound of your voice? Researchers asked people to weigh in on what they think their voice says about their sexual orientation.

Men say ‘I love you’ first

Happy Relationships
Men are often the first to say ‘I love you’ in a relationship. Almost 65 per cent of people think it’s women who first say the words, a US study found.

Sex when you are pregnant: what women think

Being Pregnant
What’s it like to have sex when you’re pregnant? Fifty women share their experiences of making love during pregnancy and after having a baby.

Do people look sexier when you are single?

Happy Relationships
When you are single, that sexy stranger might actually not be all that attractive – it may just be your brain telling you to get into a relationship.

Premature ejaculation: what women really think

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
Women are far less concerned than men when it comes premature ejaculation. Here’s a hint: good sex is not all about how long it lasts. For women, at least.

Surprising ways for a woman to orgasm

If you think the only way for a woman to climax is through clitoral or vaginal stimulation, think again. Other parts of the body can trigger orgasms, too.

Thank you: moving from casual to committed relationships

Happy Relationships
Do you want to take your relationship to the next level? Gratitude – for who your partner is, and what they do for you – might be what you need, say romance researchers.

Revealed: how to have the ultimate orgasm

What drives a woman wild in bed? Over 1000 gals weigh in on multiple orgasms, the pleasure of delayed orgasms, and the kind of touch that feels amazing.

Make-up: what do men find sexy?

Meeting Someone
When women want to woo someone, they often put on red lipstick and lots of make-up for sexy, smokey eyes. But what do they guys actually find attractive?