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We are pro-life – but only when we are ready for kids

Female Body
I don’t think I’ve met a Nigerian who doesn’t frown upon abortion. But we don't applaud the women who choose to be single mothers either. Either way, the girls are seen as wayward.

Is being 'dickmatised' a thing?

Male Body
Sisters have fought over men, paid all their bills, travelled to places they’d never been, cooked and cleaned, overlooked a trifling brother.

Do women have anal sex to stay virgins?

Ways to Make Love
Before you start squeezing your face, think back to when you weren't ready (or willing) to give up the cookie yet. Remember the little manipulations you had to do?

The logic behind open relationships

Happy Relationships
Open relationships are hip, especially among the young people. For those of us who don’t understand the concept, let’s get down to what they are all about.

Is marriage overrated?

Thinking about Marriage
Marriage is under closer scrutiny now than ever before. Questions about purpose, durability, and even the prudence in pitching one’s tent with another person have been raised.