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Millions of facts about sex and love exist out there. So what are the most important? We break down love, sex, and relationships into easy bits of important information.

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10 tips for a healthy pregnancy

Are you pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant? Here are pregnancy tips about taking care of yourself and the baby.

Pap smear: 6 facts you should know

A Pap smear is a procedure undertaken to test cervical cancer in women. It is also called a Pap test.

Is my vaginal discharge normal?

What’s normal when it comes to vaginal discharge? What’s not?

All you need to know about Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

What is PCOS? What are the causes? What are the signs?

5 Important facts about miscarriage

What causes it? Can you prevent it? How does it affect your health?

Common causes of miscarriage

What causes miscarriage? What are the symptoms? How can I prevent a miscarriage?

8 signs you could be pregnant

Am I pregnant? What signs should I look out for?

Do LGBT people need birth control? 

This may not have crossed your mind but one thing is for sure, they also need safe, pleasurable sex.

8 reasons your period is late

Worried because your period is late? Do not start saving for diapers yet, missed or late periods happen for many reasons other than pregnancy.

The different forms of Gender-Based Violence

You may have heard the term 'Gender-Based Violence' in conversation, or on the internet, and wondered either what it means or what it covers. Here’s a breakdown of the different forms of GBV.

Can I have sex during Corona?

In this time of social distancing, quarantine, and isolation....can we still have sex?

How to count safe days

How many days before and after period are safe? How safe are safe days, really?