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Millions of facts about sex and love exist out there. So what are the most important? We break down love, sex, and relationships into easy bits of important information.

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Breasts: top five facts

Small or big, round, or pear-shaped: breasts come in all shapes and sizes. They do more than just provide milk for babies.

Yeast infections: top facts

An itch, a burn. That’s how it starts. And then it gets worse. Most women are familiar with this feeling: getting a yeast infection.

Orgasms: 11 more mind-blowing facts

Love Matters prides itself in providing all the basic facts you need to know about the orgasm. Here, however, we provide some less basic facts.

Our favourite sex positions!

69 – so much more than just a number – is a great oral sex technique. The cowgirl: style statement and sex position. The five most common sex positions, to make you sexually wise!

8 things women should not put in their vaginas

The vagina is very sensitive. Introducing it to things other than penis, toys, fingers, or mouth could be risky. Read our list to know more – number 4 will shock you!

Emotional abuse: top facts

When we hear the word 'abuse', we often think bruises and slaps. But you can also hurt someone badly with words and other forms of abuse.

HIV: what to expect when getting tested

We talk a lot HIV but don’t know what to expect when getting tested. To help you with the experience, we’ll walk you through what happens in a testing room.

Testicles shapes and sizes: top facts

Balls, just like penises and vaginas, come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Read on to find out what your testicles say about you!

Vaginal discharge and odour: top facts

Vaginal discharge and smell can tell you a lot about your health, and even help you when you are trying to get pregnant. Get all the facts here!

Relationship problems: top five causes

Every relationship has its rocky patches. How you tackle issues before they become real problems is key in not letting your love fail.

Sex during your period: top five facts

If you thought that sex during menstruation is off-limits, think again. Many hesitate to try it because we’re told to think it’s unclean.

Anal sex: top five facts

Anal sex – plenty say they love the intense sensation and pleasure. But many others cringe at the idea of anything other than water and soap getting near their rear end.