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Millions of facts about sex and love exist out there. So what are the most important? We break down love, sex, and relationships into easy bits of important information.

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HIV: what to expect when getting tested

We talk about HIV all the time but don’t know what to expect when getting tested for HIV. To help you have a better experience, we’ll walk you through what happens in a testing room.

Testicles shapes and sizes: top facts

Balls, just like penises and vaginas, come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Read on to find out what your testicles say about you!

Vaginal discharge and odour: top facts

Vaginal discharge and smell can tell you a lot about your health, and even help you when you are trying to get pregnant. Get all the facts here!

Relationship problems: top five causes

Every relationship has its rocky patches. How you tackle issues before they become real problems is key in not letting your love fail.

Sex during your period: top five facts

If you thought that sex during menstruation is off-limits, think again. Many of us are hesitant to try it because we’re culturally conditioned to think it’s unclean.

Anal sex: top five facts

Anal sex – plenty say they love the intense sensation and pleasure. But many others cringe at the idea of anything other than water and soap getting near their rear end.

Sexual health for women: top facts

Sex is great, but it can be difficult to figure out how to make it safe, especially if you are a lesbian, bi, or queer woman.

Family planning: the natural way

You are stuck on an island without access to modern-day necessities, including contraceptives. What do you do? Remain celibate until you get back to civilization?

Keeping your vagina clean: what works (and doesn't)

Drink natural yoghurt at least once a week to help clean your vajayjay naturally. No, actually, just put the yoghurt in there directly for best results. Really?!

8 tips to keep your vagina happy and healthy

Your vagina is home to many friendly bacteria. A change or imbalance in these bacteria can lead to infections. Read our simple tips to keep your vagina healthy.

Sex and alcohol: top five facts

Drinking may help break the ice but it can also cause trouble. Ever had trouble with an erection? Woken up in bed with the wrong person?

Party safety guide

If you’re a newbie to the party scene or you’re the average university student ready to turn up, we have tips on how you can make lifelong memories without regrets!