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Date? Leave your phone at home

Meeting Someone
There's a third person between you and your date. Don’t know what we are talking about? Hint: you touch it more than your date. Your phone is the new ‘other’ in a relationship.

Our favourite sex positions!

Ways to Make Love
69 – so much more than just a number – is a great oral sex technique. The cowgirl: style statement and sex position. The five most common sex positions, to make you sexually wise!

8 things women should not put in their vaginas

Female Body
The vagina is very sensitive. Introducing it to things other than penis, toys, fingers, or mouth could be risky. Read our list to know more – number 4 will shock you!

Premature ejaculation: the bane of all men

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
Dude is ready to 'knack' a 'set' babe, he 'dives' in, and emerges seconds later with a sheepish look on his face. A patronizing look on the girl’s face. He is mortified.

Harassment at work: you aren't imagining it

Sexual Harassment
Harassment in the workplace can be complicated. As terrible as sexual harassment is, it isn’t the only way a person can feel worthless or threatened at work.

It's not just about not hitting good women

Sexual Harassment
When you think about violence against women, what do you think? Instantly we go to an image of a man physically beating a woman.

Being yourself at work: why it matters

Sexual Harassment
How well do you know your colleagues? Like, really know them. Not much, probably. We often keep personal conversations away at work.

I want a bigger butt

Female Body
I want a big, round, sexy ass. What are the side effects of butt enlargement pills and creams?