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Disabled and LGBT: double the trouble

Sex & Disability
'Disabled people have no interest in sex, right? And, if they do, they are straight only. A disabled LGBT person? Now that's just crazy talk!' Absolutely not!

Libido differences: matching sex drives

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
How can a lady sustain a relationship or marriage if the guy’s libido is higher than the lady’s libido?

Does sex feel better without a condom?

Birth Control
What if your boyfriend can't orgasm with a condom on? What comes first for you: pleasure or safety? Or can you have both?

Using condoms: do's and don'ts

Types of Birth Control
Condoms are a great accessory for sex. Yes, really! But don’t they kill the mood? Well, not as much as worrying about STDs or unwanted pregnancy!

Kinda sorta safe-ish days

Choosing the right birth control
'Safe days' – the time frame of your cycle when you won't get pregnant, even if you have unprotected sex. At least in theory...

Dating: getting turned down

Relationship Problems
When you're trying to date, it all begins with the ask. To ask someone if they want to go on a date with you or not, or want to sleep with you or not – after all, it's polite.

The perfect way to ask someone out

Meeting Someone
You have been admiring her from a distance. Now you just have to ask her out on a date. Easy, right? No, terrifying. But it doesn't have to be...

Don't sweat over asking someone out

Meeting Someone
Dating is tough! The 'will you be my one and only,' isn't easy to ask. But don't have a panic attack about being single or trying anxiously to snag a date.