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10 popular Nigerian sexual myths and facts

Ways to Make Love
All over the world, sexual myths are sold to people, mostly the younger generation who might be naive about sex in general. Some of these myths are harmful, and some of them are not. However, they’re very restrictive and relate a lot more to the women, because sometimes woman's value is tied to sex in this part of the country.

Happy International Day of The Girl Child!

Female Body
Who run the world? Girls! Happy International Day of the Girl Child!

Would I have an abortion again?

Unsure about being pregnant?
I was an adult fully capable of raising a child. Capable of caring for a child. Capable of bearing a child. But I did not want one.

Dating someone with a mental illness

Love & Relationships
One in four people you know have struggled or are struggling with one mental illness or the other. These people could be family members, close friends, and even current or prospective partners.

My abortion at 24

Unsure about being pregnant?
When I found out that I was pregnant, I called my friend for lunch and told her my decision. I wasn’t sure how she’d react. We were good friends but would she have my back?

Why Bi Visibility Day is important

Sexual Orientation
Bi-visibility Day is marked by efforts to increase awareness and acceptance of bisexuality. People are also encouraged during this time to be attentive of their bi-phobia, mono-sexism, and bi-erasure.

Bisexuality: biology + chemistry?

Sexual Orientation
Life is sometimes like a scratch card, once you dig under the surface, all is revealed. Sexuality is the same in this way as it isn’t always clear cut or apparent. This is why there are so many sexual identities and orientations and why some people, like Terry* discover themselves along the way.

Disabled and LGBT: double the trouble

Sex & Disability
'Disabled people have no interest in sex, right? And, if they do, they are straight only. A disabled LGBT person? Now that's just crazy talk!' Absolutely not!