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In the name of progress, researchers are forever discovering the reasons behind why we do the strange things we do. Here and updates and explanations of the newest science around sex.

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How happy couples stay faithful

How do you stay faithful to your partners when you are surrounded by hot people? Because happy couples don't consider a stranger’s good looks special.

A formula to fall in love?

Falling in love is challenging – so many tough questions and so few answers. How can you fall in love with a stranger? What if they don’t love you back?

Want to feel sexy? Try this!

Believing that others find you sexy can be a major turn-on, especially for women, recent research shows. That’s true whether or not you believe it yourself.

Bisexual women: are they only after sex?

Some people feel that because a bi-woman is attracted to both males and females, she’ll always be up for having sex. Do you think that’s true? It's time to find out!

Love juice: the story of female ejaculation

'A flood of passion-water.' Female ejaculation has been on people's minds for over 2.000 years. But details are still unknown and need to be explored.

Date? Leave your phone at home

There's a third person between you and your date. Don’t know what we are talking about? Hint: you touch it more than your date. Your phone is the new ‘other’ in a relationship.

Erections: the truth about morning wood

Has he been dreaming about other girls – is that why he has a hard-on waking up? Or are morning erections normal?

Concerns about breaking up are bad for your relationship

Do you worry all the time that your partner is going to end things with you? All that worrying might actually help to make your worst fears come true.

A surprising secret about women's orgasms

Surprising research reveals a secret about women’s orgasms. It all comes down to the partner. Not a secret, you say? It is. Read on and be surprised!

Vagina confident: better health, more sex

Women who feel comfortable with their vaginas have more sex and get more head, according to a US study. But vaginal confidence isn’t only about pleasure: it could save your life.

What to wear on a first date

Your favourite little black dress or that red halter neck top? Red is sexy, but black is cool and sexy. Can't decide? Don’t worry, science is here to help you.

Is cheating genetic?

People with a certain 'cheating' gene variant are more likely to have casual sex and one-night stands – and to cheat on their partners.